NEC 16- Singles/Teams/3rd Strike Fight Club 5

Join us at NEC 16 as we celebrate the one year anniversary of 3S Fight Club! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since This is 3rd Strike held its first event, but we still have lots of work to do! So let’s keep the momentum going and show the world that 3S is here to stay!

Big E Gaming and This is 3rd Strike Presents:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike at NEC 16

12/11/15 - 12/13/15

Radisson Hotel - Valley Forge Casino
1160 1st Ave
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1355

Visit and use the promo code BIGE to book your room or you can call reservations and ask for the Big E Games Room Block in either tower.

Room rates for NEC 16 are Single/Double $109, Triple $119.00, Quad $129.00.

New Blood Battle Royal ($3) (Friday 6pm-8pm) + $30 pot bonus AND a free t-shirt!

Double Elimination 3v3 APPRENTICE Team Tournament ($9 per team) (Friday 9pm-12pm)

Double Elimination Singles ($10) (Saturday 12pm-5pm; top 8 Sunday 11am-1pm) +$500 prize pool bonus!


Pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged! Not only do you save on the venue fee (It is currently at $40 and will increase to peak at $60 at the door), it also enables us to show Big E that 3S is well and alive so that it will be a staple at future events. You also allow us ample time to generate brackets.

NOTE: While pre-registering online is optional, you MUST register through Big E to enter the SINGLES tournament (3s is a main game). THERE WILL BE LINES. So pre-register if you can, and if not, show up early Saturday morning. We are only in charge of running the tournaments, not the money.

*Schedule subject to change.

3S Fight Club: One Year and Counting

MAIN FIGHT CARD (Saturday 8pm-10pm)*
More matches tbd.

*Card/Schedule subject to change.



Fight cards that have been announced so far:

AntiShoto vs Eat

Simon Yoo vs Diaperbomb

House of Strikes EP8, lots of discussion regarding NEC 16 3s events and future of 3rd Strike Fight Club. If you’re curious about what’s going down this weekend or the rules of the new blood events, be sure to check out the vid so you can be up to speed!

Full Playlist of all 3rd Strike events at NEC 16 (New blood events, Singles, Fight Club, and Top 8)

Full recap: NEC 16 3s/ 3rd Strike Fight Club 5 vids and results


Casuals/Full Streams are on the twitch channel (nica_ko) under the highlights section

New Blood Battle Royal: We had 22 players and could’ve had more (arcade room was in an awkward location) but imo it was the most exciting New Blood event we’ve had. Definitely worth the watch to see the potential prospects.

Apprentice 4v4: We originally intended for 3v3 but we had 8 captains and 24 apprentices so to balance the bracket and teams we made it a solid 4v4.


Singles: Definitely a big turnout with 50 players (on site and pre reg) and could’ve had more but some players couldn’t make it and a few got DQ’d. We played till top 8 (took about 3-4 hours) on Sat.

3rd Strike Fight Club 5: Some planned exhibitions took place while others couldn’t but we did have unexpected sets which were interesting.

Eat vs Antishoto
Darage vs Danish
FlannelJack vs TeamKhris
Diaperbomb vs Simon Yoo
Frankie3s vs Troy
Mutant XP vs Darage

Top 8: Hands down one of the best top 8’s I’ve seen in recent years. MUST SEE! (plus Ultra David commentating alongside Diaperbomb aka UltraDiaper!



i tuned in for a bit and was shocked to see suave bri-dog on the mic.

That match with Ahmed… Man, he got read like a picture book.

Ahmed got downloaded.txt

Late to the party but really sad I missed this. I want to really get into the game and play more human beings (well I have some friends that play when they come over but they mostly just play pseudo-ST style 3s so it makes it hard to really learn from them). I definitely want to catch the next one ahead of time so I can get out there. FC3 was great but I was terrible and missed the new blood. If there is another I’m taking that shit! :slight_smile:

Man 50 player dbl elim tournament. That is so sick, and a lot of good players at that. Yeah I’m all in. Then Next Jan it’s all Japan!