NEC 3 (play by play MvC2 team tourney & singles tourney)

I will try to provide MvC2 info about the team tournament and singles tournament.

So far everyone is playing casual play.
The team tourney starts around 4pm.

MvC2 Casual play so far:
1 arcade machine : random players r playing.
2 arcade machine: justin wong is beastin on everyone with magnus/storm/sentinel. But sanford just took him off the machine.
3 arcade machine: -=Infinite=- has a 5 game winning streak on some philly players.

I will provide more info later on when the team tourney starts.

Any comments on CvS2? From last night?

Right now its 1:59pm
In the 2 arcade machine for MvC2, Justin won is beating everyone with dr.doom/cable/magneto.
He is doing some kool resets and the crowd is going crazy.
Mixup,sage,and spyro arrived like 30 minutes ago.
Josh wong just arrived 2 minutes ago.

Any chance you can do a play by play for CvS 2???

Thanks Javier for keeping us updated!

Well, its 4:40pm,and they still haven’t collect entry fee for MvC2 3 on 3, lol.

So far, there was MvC2 bet for $20.
It was Desmond vs. EvilRyu10585.(4 out of 7)
Desmond won 4-2 and gave the money to his son evil
Desmond used sent/storm/commando and evilryu used cable/sent/commando.
I will keep updating as soon the team tourney starts.

Ur welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m dying of sleep. Pungza,Michael,and I didn’t sleep yesterday.

The MvC2 entry fee and sign up is starting now. I will write back in a lil while to tell everyone how the brackets look like.

1st round MvC2 team matches:

Eric,derrick,steve vs. Steve,marvin,gordon

Justin,desmond,ricky get a bye.

Then its Michael,Pungza,and I vs. Julian,james, john c.

Jose,issac,antonie vs. Cesar,Mike mixon,Nestor.

Damian,org,sporty gets a bye.

Rob,shawn,alex vs. Josh,sanford,bryheem.

I’ll update who wins each match when each match is done.

Thx for the info! :smiley:

Holy shit! Desmond, Justin, Ricky. WTF is that?!? Can you say stacked. I mean, like, damn that’s pretty un-fair.
BTW, whatever happened to Justin and Ricky’s retirements from MvC2?

Ur welcome. :slight_smile:

First round results:
Eric,derrik,steve defeated steve,marvin,gordon

Julian,james,john c, defeated michael,pungza,and I. (I messed up a DHC that cost me and my team the match.) =( sorry decepticons

Cesar,mike mixon,nestor defeated jose,issac,antonie.

Josh wong,bryheem,sanford defeated rob,shawn, alex.

Second round results; (some matches r still going on now)

Justin,desmond,ricky defeated erick,darrick,steve

Damian,org,sporty defeated cesar,nestor, mike mixon

*their r still losers brackets,so if u friends lost, don’t give up,cause their is still a second chance. =)

oh and I played killervi3t/half breed for money 4-1 for 10 bucks hehe I win. I own him hehe j/k.

cvs2 is basiclly ricky/arturo and INO beating ill try and get more info

ne news on team Toronto, canada???

Didn’t U see ??

Steve, Marvin, Gordon

josh, sanford, and bryheem???:confused: Isn’t brandon supposed to be on that team? what happened?

team mvc2 is in the losers finals with desmon,ricky,and just vs sage,spyro,mixup. the winner of that will play josh w.,bryheem,sanford. the cvs2 singles has stopped until 2morrow

justin’s team got sent to the loser’s? damn. is everything 2of3? Go mixup, go mixup, go. Mike, what’s this number? What’s Javier’s cellphone?

an update on 3S would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

MvC2 singles didn’t start yet?