NEC low tier rules


Banned Characters:

dr. doom

Ratio2 Characters( cannot combine a character in this list with another character in this list):

silver samurai
omega red
Ruby Heart

The rest of the characters are ratio 1

thought I would post this up so everyone can get a grasp on the low tier system currently being played.

Really like the list now. Much better than it used to be by far. Only thing I don’t agree with is dhalsim being playable. He is definitely ban worthy. As a low tier + tron player, I don’t mind her being banned.

How many times are you gonna make a new freakin’ thread over this? You made two other ones, never finished them and there was one already open where you could have posted this. Sheesh.

uhhhhh, judging by that statement, I don’t think you looked @ the list.

the other threads were debating how fucked up the rules were and I’m glad they changed it.

These are actually the NEW rules that were played @ NEC a few weeks ago.

I did look at the list. You could have used one of the old threads (there were at least 3) for this information, as its related to those discussions.

Anyway, regarding Sim, I’m glad they kept him in.

Thanks for the update.

:rofl: Nice to see ol’ Rockman on there. All the times he has handed Wily his ass, you’d think he would get his respect by now.

Curiosity: Colossus/Ken are ratio 1 in this system?? :looney:

If someone would rep Akuma, he would soon be ratio 2…just sayin’ :smokin:

Old threads get old. This is a new thread for a new set of rules, its all money dont see a problem.

I agree with both of these points. These guys are pretty beastly to only be R1.

don’t know why jill is r2. There are much better characters than her who are R1.

silsam can’t be thrown when he’ crouching as i’m sure you know so the only characters who can hit him need an overhead other than jumping around hoping for a hit. I can see why he’s r2 because he limits a majority of the cast. In a low tier system vs characters who don’t have an AD or an instant overhead, he can block low all day and react to jump ins very easily. If you call your helpers in that situation, he’ll zap them. Fucked up cheese.

guile is a toss up. Really great priority that beats top 4, good super, aweseom damage output etc… he should be r2 imo. but if guile is r2, why not charlie whom I think is a better character in this system.

omega red = broke. He needs to be r2. rip omega roy.

gambit is a really good character and I agree with him being r2.

col\ken should be r1 characters imo. by comparison to the characters that are r2, they should be r1.

other than we’ll this character should be r2 or r1, I really like the list. Its come a long way than few years ago where it had doom, cyke, tron etc… as playable ratio characters which didn’t make it exactly fair. Now, all they need to do is ban sim. If the point of a low tier tourney is to make the other characters playable by removing the characters that have an extreme advanage over the low tier ones, why is sim still there? His run away limits like 90% of the low tiers and tahts just one aspect of his gameplay.

Show me a line of vids where people actually do that with Sim, and then I’ll agree with you. Until then, he’s massively underused character that’s very difficult to master.

I wish I did know the criteria that were used to determine the ratio’d characters.

I think Jill was ratio 2 because JWong picks her. No real good reason unless they were rating her ability to fill the screen with garbage/zombies/animals.

I started this post setting out to throw out which characters I’d pull out from Ratio 2 to Ratio 1 but I realized that would be all of them :].

BUT in the interest of adhering mostly with this ruleset and in the interest of keeping the topic on track, instead I’d just question why Jill and Cammy is ratio 2 and why Morrigan/Chun isn’t. If I pick one qualm with this its that conundrum. Otherwise this list looks very playable for a working low-tier set.


all that said now that people have had a bit of time to throw together some bimbos from the hobo-jangle, what’s really good?

I like how i can still do easy mode 70% combos off a psy counter hit with chun

Really though, forming a team around chun-expansion/DHC/AAA doesnt really seem fair with this system. Chun/Marrow/Psy?? Godlike.

Morrigan and Cammy with chun-expansion are pretty broke.

lol wtf. So you need to see someone run away 99 seconds to believe in it? HE CAN RUN AWAY FOREVER AGAINST LOW TIER. Just because no one is doing it doesn’t mean its cheap as fuck. It just means no one is doing it.

Fuck, people run away all day with storm. Imagine that in a low tier system except you can’t catch his bitch ass because the low tier characters have a very hard time reaching that part of the screen. Storm eventually comes down, sim doesn’t. @ the end of the day, sim IS top tier.

If you can provide a valid point other than he’s hard to master, then you have an argument.

zack, yea I laughed @ that list when I saw chun\psy was still playable. ughhhhh. Let them know homie.

yea eczangief, I can see how jill is r2 now. That zone does get a tad bit annoying combined with proper helpers combined with her priority on her normals.

No, I already know he can do that. Yes, Storm-esque runaway is cheap. But like you said, no-one is doing it, almost no-one uses him, he’s hard to play/master. That’s all the reason I need. When people do this stuff, ban him then; I’m not going to wet my pants over your fear of what *can * happen when (at least currently) it doesn’t.

To me, the point of a low-tier tourney is to eliminate the god-tier and top characters that everyone and their mother uses, hence giving the under-used characters a chance to strut their stuff.

But other than that, I disagree with this list and the ratio system. Just cut down the god, most of the top-tiers/assists and roll with that.

this list is designed to bottleneck the cheap teams.

sim is a high tier character unless the opponent picks capcom, then he has to work a bit harder. He’s still really good, just need to find the right assist and he’ll rape pretty hard.

jill is on here because of her priority/air super/throw range in the air/crap in the way

guiles better than charlie

alot of the stuff that we’re used to calling cheap is gone, morrigan can’t get triple mixup from a regular proj assist…

I’ll let Sim argument rage while I just master invincible Sakura warp loops. but

Banking on the fact that a smart Sim player isn’t going to chill out at the top of the screen with ten seconds left and a slim life lead is like telling yourself that Storm isn’t about to Hail you to death when you’re down to your last pixel in a close match.

When you look at the banned list, how many other characters get to “earn” 5 and 10 seconds and up of free runaway for NO bar with virtually no restrictions? You shouldn’t have to make a counter team just to contend with ONE character’s exploit.

My $0.02

It’d be cool to see what kinda teams people can come up with.


anakaris/sonson is still available.

I like this list a lot. I see/agree what shoult is saying about sim, but not going to worry/gripe about it. coffins still get 'im.

I may start experimenting with this list.


ahh. Interesting counter pick to a runaway Sim. Didn’t think of that.

Can’t have Sim/Psy though

oh yeah…I’m prob. not gonna bother practicing low tier dhalsim teams anyway, since I think he may (he should) be banned

maybe anakaris/marrow/sonson

Akuma-exp/Thanos-proj/Spiderman-aa : i got DIBS on this team!

let’s get this moneysssssssssss

big tourney for low-tier coming up soon? us posters should run matches? frxii?

Anak/Sim/Gief is GODLIKE

Anak, Chun, and Morrigan should definitely be at R2.

Sim should be banned.