NEC. Who's coming out to Rep Juri?

I should be there. I hope to do well and win a few matches and get to meet some of the other Juris from the forums or anyone who is interested in playing her. Hopefully we all can meet up.

I’m working on it. There’s a chance I can’t make it but my crew is trying.

>=\ make this happen!!!
Any other Juri’s showing up? I’m sure bluenine will be there and some other juri i don’t know about. Lemme know people so we can meet up!

I’m easy to spot. I’ll have a shirt that says big nasty kail

Is that the one in Philly this weekend? I’ll be there with a few buddies of mine. Not sure what I’m going to be wearing but I have a TE-S with Juri, glowing like Bruce Leeroy on a spider web and a link shaft mod.

I’m crazy rusty after my wedding though. I have a feeling its going to be a donation weekend early off. I will be bringing a few setups for the hotel room though. AE starts at 5pm, but if ECT was any indication I’m betting it starts around 8pm or later. I’ll be ecstatic if it rolls off on time. Probably going to be stocked with redbulls and liquid crack…er… 5 hour menergy.

Uh i’ll find kail. Rally on him i suppose.

Is that a ghostwriter reference!?

Maaaybe. That show is so old…man…god man i’m so fucking old =(

Still on the fence. It’s not that far, I should probably go, don’t even have to get there that early, but I’m still feeling apathetic.

You better >=\

Post some match videos later plz.
I will be participating in a big tournament here in january and I need any help with matchu-ups I can find.

Looks like it’s a go for Nec. Excitement!!!

I fucked middle finger up. I hope I can execute…

Ur far standing mk finger!? That is no bueno. I injury my pointer before, couldn’t excutr as well due to the pain.

what happened? :frowning:

Flipped the bird too hard at Capcom when he read the honda changes.

rofl qft. :confused:

One of my best friends is a Honda player. I’m so happy for him… But so upset for me. Hahaha.

I…um… Got tired of the silliness at my job and flipped out. I turned to the safe deposit boxes in the vault with my fist. A few second later I couldnt move my hand and all that was left was a harsh pain shooting through my middle finger and blood smeared on the deposit boxes.

I couldn’t move it for a few days. By tomorrow I think I’ll be fine. I just hesitate slightly while playing.

Got shown in teams how much of a fraud I am. Lost to unknown… Went 2 and out.

Lesson learned. Rush down these niggas. No respect!!!

Singles… I’m ready.

Now that i have time…It was great seeing all the juri’s out there, bluenine (ya scrub! =D), Albino, Icyblackdeep, and Kail. I felt that i leveled up during that whole major and even though i went 2-2 i did my best, i personally think so. I hope the future looks brighter for all the Juris come 2012 edition. I’ll see you guys then.