NEC XI TVC Full Results

Ok so there was a tourney for tvc at nec and we managed to get an ok turn out at least one to run a legit tourney so here are the results

1st: Bad Fish (PTX 40-A)
2nd: EG_Justin Wong (Jun The Swan/Chun Li, Saki/Tekkaman) forfeited in GF :frowning:
3rd: Glitch (Casshan/Ryu, unfortunately don’t remember his other team)
4th: Most Infamous (Morrigan/Doronjo)
5th: Riddler (Tekkaman/Tekkaman Blade)
5th: Rogueyoshi (Tekkaman/Ken The Eagle)
7th: Orochimarusama21 (Yatterman-2/Yatterman-1)
7th: Sergio (unfortunately, i don’t remember who he played)
9th: Windlord (Saki/Morrigan)
Skisonic(forfeited due to being on stream, had no time to play :(…)

First, unfortunately RyRy and Marn were both there but even though me and my bro tried to convince both of them to enter, to no avail:(, skisonic was also supposed to play but just couldnt due to being on the stream like…forever commentating. However i did get some casuals with him after the event, and we had a fun time. Ryry i got some casuals with him, but after 3 matches, he didnt wanna play anymore:(, i had a fun time playing him regardless.

Anyway, seen lots of new players from maryland, who actually came down here, just for TVC. Glitch, Most Infamous,Sergio and Riddler, all have potential to go far, and actually had some great sessions with Skisonic as well, and rogue yoshi was also noteworthy of great skill. Windlord hasnt played since the first game, but i believe i cheered him up!!! And orosama actually finally learning on how to fight giants with yatterman-2 was pretty tough for me to knock down(final fantasy fans will know my reference!!!).

I perfectly understand why justin forfeited in gf, seeing how late it was, he just finished SSF4 gf, and he’s been all over the place in all kinds of tournaments running left and right, so he must of been pretty damn exhausted. Mad respect for justin, nothing but love for the man. Also got mad heart for ryry, for actually still playing the game, and still rocking his teams 120%!!!

I honestly believe wc should come out to nec, that way not just for tvc, but it creates more hype situations in many other games too, plus id love to redo my matches against all of the west coast peeps.

I heart this game too much, and i heart all the players in it!!!

Congrats man.

I’d have liked to go but commencement was this weekend and I’m not really keen on making an 8.5-hour trip just for this game. I was on Google Maps a week or so ago just checking the distance between here and the locations of various majors, and I couldn’t believe that Atlanta is actually a shorter drive for me than Philly. >_>

Hope everyone had fun. Did you get any matches recorded?

Why does Jwong keep entering TvC tournaments now. Warming up for MvC3?

I bet he just forfeited cause he can’t fight giants. I’m surprised there was even a TvC tournament there. And nice to see another Ken/Tekka user. I need to create a combo video soon and show it to rogueyoshi to let him see what other retarded options this team has.

So essentially, you’re creating a combo video just for rogueyoshi.

Nah I just want to make one and start linking it everywhere for fun. Plus I’m going to have the whole video be in my usual super HD quality and use it as proof to finally show that Tekkaman original is S tier.

Wow, I’m surprised Justin Wong continues to play this game. So it wasn’t a random thing when he decided to play @ SoCal Regionals… either way, more people to play for the TvC scene. Props to you guys over @ the East Coast! Thanks for continuing to support TvC!

Hope to see more people play this thing so I can challenge them later in person =D.

Phampy - Show me that Roll reset trick. I can’t get the timing down yet. I want the ‘enhanced’ HD quality this time (i.e., clearer picture).

i’m kinda feeling salty after losing to justin the way i did… at least four times he did badly spaced IADs that went over me and when i went to go punish with 2A, it came out the wrong way and i ate 20k + resets. oh well, at least i got my 2k2um money.

also, i’m interested in any new ken/tekka technology you have to offer. i did upload some combos way back myself if you haven’t already peeped them.

Its okay, rogueyoshi. I’m sure the Socal guys here that lost to Justin at SCR feel even saltier.

How did you do in 2k2um? How many entries did it get?

I’ve seen them already rogueyoshi, and I managed to sneak in some more tricks to extend them too. And man, I wanted to play Jwong at SCR or even at EVO, I wanted to beat both members of E.G.

any videos?

Haha Rotan SCR guys feeling salty. Dude it is cool Bad Fish won a tourney but people dont want to play against fucking giants. If you want us to like continue playing the game more then use two characters because otherwise we will just play Marvel 3 more. No offense but congrats to making Jwong forfeit haha.

ok so lord hollow finally uploaded the vids there might be more i’ll update if there is

unfortunately the first two matchs were not recorded because we didnt get the guy in time it was me vs Orochimarusama21 and riddler vs windlord

this match isnt windlord we thought it was but it was sergio instead so this is the only extra match was not part of the tourney its sergio vs rogueyoshi [media=youtube]aeqy9f0xSaI[/media]

Wind Lord vs Rogue Yoshi

EG_Justin Wong vs Most Infamous

Sergio vs Glitch

Wind Lord vs Riddler

Glitch vs Rogue Yoshi

Bad Fish vs EG_Justin Wong

Riddler vs Sergio

Orochimarusama21 vs Most Infamous

more will come soon