NEC4......The Wong is still the Wong

Mvc2: 1st Justin Wong

CvS2: 1st Justin Wong

3S: 1st Justin Wong

…more detailed info to come. Sanford puts Justin in losers in winners finals in marvel, justin beats desmond, justin takes it 4-3, 4-0. Justin’s the man.

Updates for Marvel:

Top 5:

  1. Justin
  2. Sanford
  3. Desmond
  4. Wigfall
  5. Infinite
    Nestor (WTF? Yea I said it even though I don’t believe it)

Rick Mears lost to Desmond and Nestor (WTF?). Infinite lost to Rick Mears and Desmond.

Demon Hyo quit after losing 1 match, not 1 set, after saying he dislikes console tournaments…at a console tournament.

Rumor has it that Justin won using a green goblin which he will be putting on ebay sometime this week. Check back for details.

NY fucking C ! Damn, wish I went and saw this go down…

Teams, sir?

sweet jesus…:eek:

congrats justin

do you have more complete cvs2 results and teams used?


i think arturo on IRC said Justin used Team Row against sanford the first set and MSP the second set.

justin wong is mvc2 god HATS OFF TO HIM
I put him in losers in the winners finals 3-1 then he beats x 3-0
then we were going back and forth until it was 3-3 I was ONE lighting attack away from beating justin but I choked then he made me pay for me not killing him by fucking me up 4-0 good shit.
justin wong-storm/sent/cyclops msp,mags/cable/sent A
sanford-sent/storm/capcom mags/storm/sent A, msp
desmond-sent/storm/capcom mags/storm/cyc
josh wigfall-row,msp,mags/storm/sent A.

good tourney :slight_smile: .

cvs2 #1justin #2.nestor sage #3.sanford #4.jeron grayson.
I suck in cvs2.

Dang…msp wins a major

not sure…is this the first time?

what were the numbers like for each game and did philly even show up?

u might as well wait until eric post the official full results for all games. probally by later tonight cuz he is a tired man after running all those games and takng all those tv’s n stuff back

The vids i took came out perfect, with the matrix music and everything :smiley: . Someone find someone to host these vids.

Trying to get a hold of cannon brothers to get them to host vids.

justin lost the winners by playing row

first set msp, and others

final set, all row, all 4 games

msp still has not won a major

DAM…that justin is a beast,whats up with the goblin thing…is it a good luck charm???

Anywho…congrats justin:cool:

I didn’t say consle tournaments suck, I said mvc2 consle tournaments suck because it is hard to use the mas stick when you have nothing to pin it down with, and some sticks just don’t feel the same as the arcade. Besides those mas sticks moving around all day when you trying to play with them and causing the game to pause during your tournament match in mvc2 and I wasn’t the only one complaining.NEC4 was very bangin though but if all the people would have came it would have been better. Because of the stupid snow people couldn’t show up, I hate the snow now:mad:

GGXX was one of the cool tournaments IMO, I loved the comp there and it was fun playing those different styles. I should have only entered ggxx like josh wong only did cvs2, next time I will just do that. I got 4th in ggxx which is ok because it is my fault for cancelling into a destroy move with slayer, when I had flash Metriod’s dizzy in dizzy mode and well basically I paid for it in the end:o Flash Metriod had god on his side lol, good games flash you throw with dizzy pretty good.

I wan’t to personally thank Eric/Som D for renting out the hotel room and having NEC4.

That chinese store food across the street was nasty as crap:bluu:

Hey isaac, put the matches where liston beat me in mvc2 at like 2 seconds left. I am glad he beat me and I want people to know who LISTON is. He still couldn’t believed it happend, good job liston I am so :lame: at mvc2 now, GGXX for life!:cool:

No justin did not use the green goblin it was an all mas finals.

The first set of the finals was hot. The last set we need not talk about.

Anyway the best part of the tourney were the money battles way too funny…and I will be the first to say that I got beat by team Magneto, servbot and roll omg…or you can say I got ocv’ed by magnus. That sounds a little bit better. I also lost to teams that had gambit morrigan, venom, dan, need I say more? btw I’m not the only who took those lumps.

Oh yeah Infinite I got in dat ass befor I left. See me in a non console tourney

Rick you still a bum lol

Nice, Thanks for the updates. Your’re fucking god.

What were the teams/grooves used for CvS2 ???

Damn how many times do I have to say, you need to strap down the mas sticks with bungee cords. Anyway, congrats to all the top placers. Someone please post some vids.

There goes your MvC2 “retirement”. The only person that told me they are retired, and actually had something to show for it, was Duc.

Just wanted to say the tourney was fun. Money matches were maybe just as entertaining as the tournament itself. Hehe, apologize to people for not exactly talking to lots of people, but me and my boy Andrew, lolz, um, normally 4 hr bus from boston to ny, then 2 hr bus from ny to philly, er during this mini blizzard, turned into a 5.5 hour bus from boston to ny, then like a 3 hr bus ride from ny to philly :lame:

But that asides, met some cool people. I was teh MSP player with the Yellow GAP hoody by the way. Note to self, must learn sent _____ cc team to compete with NY sentinels. LOLZ, my weakness is definitely sentinels as I got whooped by Desmond’s sentinel and then Infinites. Good job to both of them.

Jus wish this snowstorm didn’t happen to fall during NEC! :mad:

-Isaac, hehe, jus lemme know how much for a copy and shipping :smiley: