NEC4......The Wong is still the Wong

HAHA! Justin wins again, but what did you expect? He is the reigning MvC2 champ @ every major tournament.

Anyways, congrats Justin. Again!

Demon Hyo, WTF! One match…?

Thnx. You can just call me Blaziniflo though.

I shouldn’t have done that but I couldn’t take it anymore, I should have played with the dreamcast controller bah oh well:p

oh shit were you one of the guys that stayed at wongs house.

and on another note the tournament was fun as hell. though i also think the snow fucked shit up for other people who wanted to come. and i and some others had to listen to flash metroid talk all this shit talk about how he was gonna take ggxx top prize. when he get the chance to do it he gets RAPED for free. fake afro cole lookin gg player couldnt handle anyone else outside of florida. stay down in florida next time buckweet.:smiley: :smiley:

i also wanna say good games to all the people i played in the tournament. except for josh wong in cvs2. he told me that if i beat him(which i would have:p:cool:) i would have to pay double money to stay at his place. so i had to let him win cause i didnt feel like payin more money. and to rx all i have to say is bow down. nice to meet all the new people i didnt know before. also i was suprised as hell to see that i won a 3s match. im a super noob in that game. i only started like seven weeks ago.

thanks to eric for renting out the place and getting this shit to happen. i know a lot of time and effort went into this thing and i hope next time the snow wont ruin the tourny. and justin wong is too good.

ogre errr i mean


I would like to thank Eric for holding this tournament. Regardless of the outcome of people, it was fun. Money matches and semifinals/final for Marvel was pure hardcore.

Team MD had a blast.


Hit me up w/ a PM, or get to me on AIM. I think I’ll be able to help you out.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

32 people in CVS2
25 people in MVC2
18 people in 3S

In CVS2, I used C Groove cammy sagat blanka
Nestor used A groove Bison Sak and Blanka
and Sanford Kelly used
K Groove Cammy Sagat Blanka
C Groove Bison Blanka Vega
C Groove Chun Li Sagat Blanka
A Groove Bison Sak Blanka

Winner finals me and sanford 3-0
Loser finals nestor and sanford 3-1
Grand Finals me and nestor 4-2

3S I just used Ken throughout the whole tourney and exodus got 2nd with YUN.
Score was 3-1 in winners finals and grand finals it was 4-0

EXODUS: Stop choking!!!

Even though no one cares, because every1 wanted marvel 2 results. LOLz jk. It was fun though. The afterparty team ny had was too much. I say that much. LOLz.

Thanks Eric for doing another tourney for the players.

New York Fucking City is still on top:cool:

good job guys…

justin: I PH33R YOU! your taiketsu skills are too good. :lol:

what were the ggxx results…

~Born to Play~

You made me proud Santhrax. For someone that hasn’t been a tournament in a while you were able to shake off most of the rust. Good job boys you wrapped up the year very nicely. Mr. Grayson how nice to see you back in the mix. Marvelous, as usual, I expect nothing less. Now we can get things really moving for 2004. This is where the Empire makes it big push. Until then, hail!

this tourney was good shit despite all the pause problems
losing money in the bets sucked but its all good
those money matches were to good
i was the one with the black nike hoodie on the first day and had short sleeves with a sleveless black addidas hoodie on the second
i learned mad shit in 3s
anyway good shit all around and im looking forward to coming back for march madness

ps… ill be in philly all week
ill catch some of you philly cats up at up on friday

GGXX results anyone?

1st, some testament player I forgot his name:sweat:

2nd. Flash Metroid, axl, dizzy, zappa

3rd, James ??? forgot his last name:sweat: Potemkin/testament

4th. Demon Hyo, Baiken/slayer

I hate destroy moves, they should make it where you can cut them off:D I will never push those 4 buttons again when I have somebody dizzy:lol: :lol:

Justin W, what was the name of that anime you wanted me to check out again? Is it on animesuki?


Despite the low turnout, the tournament was pretty fun. The $yndicate made about $175 in bets that weekend, but all that went to entry and hotel fees.:lol: Once again I’m a victim to Justin’s Cable BS at NEC4. Hitting me with the ass of Cable just ended all hope for me, oh well. Commy, good shit at NEC this weekend. I notice that you and your friend keep improving each time we see you guys, keep up the good work. And yes, the weekend in Philly will be something that the $yndicate will never forget.:evil:

BTW, if anybody wants to buy that remix Mvc2 with the Matrix song, hit me up with a PM.

*-Full Metal Daywalker- *

only 25 peeps and they call this a major? :eek:
either way, good job again champ

It was because of the snow, it stopped most of the people from coming. It was supposed to be 62 people for mvc2 and 52 people for cvs2, and 42 people for ggxx. This is why I hate snow now

For that kid talking shit about Peter, yea he does talk a lot. Ignore that. And you’re saying he scrubbed out? Are you the guy that took the touranment? If you are then you’re the man, if you’re not, STFU scrub. And Flash Metroid is only number 10 at XX in Florida at best, so stop talking shit about Fl if the number 10 player goes up there and takes 2nd.

my nigga Jake the beast from PITT, repping Team Serious, won that shit (GGXX) with Testament.

and I’m still here coughing up evil shit from the flu… :frowning: