NEC6 Full results

First Thing i would like to give out THANKS to everyone, that made it to Nec, i had mad fun.:clap:

And special thanks to everyone that help me out:Som, Ron, Rick, Josh, Peter, DSP, Alex G, Matt, Khang, Damian, Lil E, Matt, Ryan, and Gavin and Tokyogameaction.

I hope to see eveyone back next year.:chat:


  1. Justin W.
  2. Yipes
  3. Sanford
  4. Brandon
  5. Josh Wigfall–Smoothviper


  1. Nestor
  2. Sanford
  3. Smoothcat
  4. Tony B.
  5. Paul (pjc)—(J. wong had to leave early.)


  1. Mt Fighter
  2. jason L.
  3. Jinmaster
  4. Polish Dave
  5. Gix–Omega X


  1. Justin W.
  2. Kofiend
  3. Khang
  4. Eric Lee
  5. Kzai–Mr. Quotes


  1. Jeron
  2. DSP
  3. JMS
  4. Dave Sp
  5. Julian R.


  1. Alex G.
  2. Marlin Pie
  3. Chaz
  4. Peter
  5. HNH


1st - Wojito (VA) - Nina
2nd - Brian H - (NJ) - Paul, Devil jin
3rd - Sanford - (NY/PA) - Ganryu, Jack-5, Steve
4th - Jinmaster (Top Tier Whore, Rob Gin took your $) - (VA) - Nina
5th - Spero Gin TNY - (NY, Long Island) - Paul, Eddy
5th - The Realyst TNY - (NY)

Low Tier Tournament MVC2:

  1. Justin W.
  2. Julian R.
    3.damian E.
  3. Josh W.
  4. Infinite–Brandon


  1. Clinically Sick
  2. F Josh
  3. DBS

Team Games:

SC3 Team

  1. SNJ
  2. ONG Bak
  3. Rape Jinmaster Rape

MVC2 Team

  1. Deadcell
  2. Syndicate
  3. Quohog

3S Team

  1. Team NYC
  2. Team GT
  3. Team Quotes

I hope everyone had a great time.

PS Gavin will have some footage up at, check it out.

we had a total of 20 people for guilty gear

there was 60 that signed up online

just want to know whats good???

i understand that the texas crew got jiped and the pitsburg crew got their veachle in an accident.

where was team serious? where was most of CT and RI? where was the rest of Maryland Crew? and where the F*** was the rest of the NJ crew? ( we are fucking next door for god sakes) we deserve an explination

Sup eric its Nelson the tourney was great!, it waz cool meeting you ur a real cool dude. Cant wait for nec7! peace…

Sixty was what was present last year for #R.

I guess noone cared this year.

A shame really.

Someone should just fuckin kill off the #R community, it’s getting less and less enjoyable to be a part of it, no matter how hard we try.


  1. Justin W.
  2. Yipes
  3. Sanford
  4. Brandon
  5. Josh Wigfall–Smoothviper

Low Tier Tournament MVC2:

  1. Justin W.
  2. Julian R.
    3.damian E.
  3. Josh W.
  4. Infinite–Brandon"
    some pretty good results. good to see my bros on the ec going at it. good shit all.

i got 4th in the low tier tourny cuz i beat brandon and damien beat josh wong:arazz:

good shit yipes!!

and cause i beat u dude… props for rushing w/ sakura tho hahaha… i might suck at marvel but doom is on top when u take out the big 4…

I’d just like to say first off big thanks and graditude goes to Eric for keeping NEC alive and going let alone a major where EC can get together and play. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!

Of all the NEC’s this was my favorite next to NEC3. It was straight foward and to the point and we didnt have to wait a long time to see all the good matches. Marvel was definetly interesting the entire weekend and the Mid Tier tourny was a different experience from harcore marvel. Very much reminded me of MVC 1! hehe!

Could have been a better turnout. Eric did his part but its up to the rest of us to show the support. Especially if we want to keep events like NEC and other events alive the support has to be there and thats where we, the players come in.
Support your scene guys!

Thats about it I guess enjoyed the time I played and kicked it with people! Big thanks to Kalik (True Warrior) for the transportation to and from the hotel and to Bryheem for the housing. Had fun and will look foward to the next one!


Congrats on winning ST Jeron :nunchuck:

Sup! to everyone I met/caught up with: Bryheem:rofl:, b1gazn, Damian, Dave Spence, DSP, Eric Lee, Jamie, Julian Robinson, kcxj, Nestor, and the members of DarkAddictz & Kyle for teaching me a bit about MK! :wgrin: (did I forget anyone? I hope not…)

Greatest thanks go out to ERIC for adding another full day into the mix this year! :tup:

See everyone next!

I was too worn out from the team tournament.:sweat: And I’m tired of Justin barely escaping with his pixel winning victories. That won’t keep happening sooner or later.:sweat:

Anyone know the characters used for ST and SC3? any vids for those tournies?

***NEC 6 Footage"

ABOUT TIME ! thanks my nigga :tup: . . . :tup:

Sanford is still the truth…

mvc2 rankings overall

  1. J Wong
  2. Sanford
  3. Yipes

Just me thoughts is all



  1. Jeron: Vega/ChunLi
  2. DSP: Vega
  3. JMS: Deejay
  4. Dave Sp: Dhalsim
  5. Julian R. Vega/O. Sagat

Only the finals were recorded for ST, DSP recorded. SC3 I have no clue.

Of the videos that were captured directly… Which were in DV? How many of those are left? Does anyone know who the other people that did captures for the finals of the games in other games, elite 8, notable games?

I’m intrested in seeing if they could be brought back to their original frame rate. I am intrested in DV since I know they can be made into really good encoded videos.


P.S.: This is a sample video of what I’m aiming for that I’ve captured in DV.