NEC6 Results Thread

First off, awesome tournament. The usual ‘start-late-as-shit’ syndrome is still there, but with eric’s stride and number of TVs available, we still finished very early). Props to everyone to come, and a big thumbs down to everyone who didn’t. There were MANY no-shows, and that was a huge turndown if you looked at the registration list. But for those who were at the event, it was a blast.

Here’s 3S results off the top of my head.

Team Tournament (9 teams)

1st Team Justin
KZai (YU) - KOFiend (YA) - Justin Wong (CH)

2nd Team GameTime
John Cao (CH) - Eric Lee (RY) - exodus (KE)

3rd Team Quotes
MrQuotes (MA) - Albert (YU) - Ali (DU)

Singles Tournament (31 entries)

1st Justin Wong (CH)
2nd KOFiend (YA)
3rd exodus (KE/YU)
4th Eric Lee (KE/CH)
5th KZai (YU)
5th MrQuotes (MA)
7th Nestor (YU)
7th Ali (YU/DU)


Big E - Year after year, I enjoy going to your tournaments. Good shit sir.
Justin Wong - No matter how hard I try, you still pummel the shit out of my game. You’re definitely #1 in US.
KOFiend - Great shit in the singles. You really pulled through with that Yang. On point in every single way. BUT STOP SMOKING MUTHAFUCKA (A lot of people complained that they were getting headaches, myself included)
Eric Lee - Looks like we still lose to NYC :slight_smile: Great shit my friend
Team UMBC - You guys are improving very well. Keep it up
John Cao - OCVing the first team in the teams tournament…WOW. (This guy doesn’t even play the game, and picked it up again after a 1.5 year hiatus)
KZai - You’ve the potential to become one of the best. Keep training with Justin and you will get there very fast. You did very well for your first major. :slight_smile:
Albert - This is the reason why you NYCers need to go outside of CTF. Good showing for your first major too (9th, losing to KZai); Team up with KZai and work your way into the mainstream!
Nestor Cucaracha - The Yun disciple! (Why the fuck were there so many Yuns at this tournament anyway!??!) You sir, are an amazing player. You make me want to come to TGA :slight_smile: Your Yun shows a lot of understanding, despite the fact that you’re so new to 3S. Keep my hopes up and continue playing my friend :slight_smile:

Josh Wigfall, Josh Wong, JeRon, Som, Damien, all you beasts! 3S is the shit! You don’t have to let go of MVC2/CVS2…but you gotta realize the truth :badboy: Good shit guys! Don’t let the top tiers shoo you away from the game. Thanks for being great sports :slight_smile:

Finally, again, thanks to EVERYONE who showed up for the tournament. You guys were great and I had a blast running the show. Made it very easy for me. See you guys at March Madness! :karate:

will there be vids?

smooth tourney exodus…eric will get to the full results eventually… but i remember a bit…

marvel singles:
1st Justin Wizzong
2nd InFuckinControlYipes
3rd Stanford

low tier marvel:
1st Justin Wizzong - cammy/cyke/tron
2nd Joolien Robinson - bh/tron/xxx
3rd Damian - megaman/doom/tron

edit: low tier got more heads than regular so mebbe there is a demand somewhere… and warmachine and rouge might wanna be ratio 2 or some shitza in the future… see yipes…

my thoughts…

team tournament
Hoped more teams signed up

wished to see Pat there
Eric Lee & Exodus - kicked my ass… will try to get u next time :karate:

this was a real eye opener for me to see different styles of play. I will come to the next tourney stronger and ready for more variation :badboy: and also with my own stick hopefully…

Eric - thx for the cool tourney… awesome burgers
Exodus - u… stop looking at me u freak! j/k …this guy’s tenacity is like steel. just won’t give up will ya?
Eric Lee - Ill get my 5 back sum day u beaster :devil:
Had a great time playing a lot of ppl… Eric (MA), Grant (DU), John Cao (CH), David Spence (NE), Nestor (YU), philly game-paders, and anyone I might have missed… thanx for teaching me a lot

My my own crew
Quotes - dude I forgot to thank u for the ride( was so sleepy)… ur awesome and hope 1 day I can take on ur Makoto with confidence… play more 3S man!
Ali - yo… have to see u some other time… keep up the one-man army v.s. a country battle tactics and if you ever get to know Snake or Sam Fisher, say hi to them for me :pleased:
Albert - ur 16… we all know ur potential… u’ll surpass all of us in no time
KOFiend - thx for encouraging and organizing for me to come… couldn’t have done it without u… waddya call… if anything… my goal is to beat u and Jia
JustinW - really don’t have much to say to u… this guy makes me emotional… happy when we’re on the same side, suicidal when we’re not, and inspirational to watch as an individual…

CvS2 results??? Or is it still going on (monday morning)?

1st Nestor
2nd Sanford
3rd Smoothcat~

NEC #R AlexG/ Marlin/Chaz

shit was a blast!!!

  1. 3s had hella casuals and even a h2h set up(thanks eric and khang for the OK)
  2. justin actually sat and PLAYED 3s with everyone for a good hour or two, good shit for the people playing him
  3. khang, john cao and eric lee ran the 3s tight and fast, and as a consequence suffered from fatigue, props to these guys for using their strength(to run the shit) and play at the same time.
  4. thanks to MD eric, john cao and green ken for pissing me off with their words, i wasn t motivated to win until you 3 got me heated. its all good though, i ll apologize for being a dick but you guys said the wrong things. you guys are nice guys, we ll see each other again i m sure.
  5. i didn t smoke since 5am on sunday, so i was mad cranky and easily irritated, sorry if i was a dick to anyone.
  6. this tourny had a great mood, casuals felt like evo casuals in the hotels, pretty fun to be around the 3s set ups, khang is too funny, stop drinking that funny juice.
  7. team justin unknowingly turned into a team china/korea…SHUT UP, blue yang is korean!!1

ok shout outs that are brutally honest…

nestor- improved a shitload, i ll pay a visit to RI once a break comes around.

guy in white hat with beard and mustache and hip hop clothing using hugo/ryu- good shit, you nestor and smoothcat made a strong appearance for TGA, keep playing homie, we ll see each other next tourny time. good times.

khang- STOP PARRYING SO MUCH!! jk, scary ass ken but you know its all bout the twins, stop confusing people with the funky ass shit!!1 i saw this guy do like 3 ABC situations from bullshit, ITS BULLSHIT I TELL YOU!! good shit for giving tips to the 2 cf heads, they said they learned alot from playing and listening to pointers you gave, i m no good with advice. smoking ciggarettes? thats nothing, you should see me when i play quotes in marvel, anytime i start losing, the ashtray gets moved right in front of him, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

eric lee- good shit in the team tourny, you got plenty of revenge :frowning:
strong appearance as whats expected, good shit. i ll see you again.

grant from MD- what a gentlemen. nice and quiet with solid playing ability, definetly one of the threats coming out of MD for the summer time. i really liked your simple yet oddly effective anti air/“barrier” like game, good shit. definetly one of my favorite MD peeps. i look forward to playing you again.

albert and kevin(the cf yuns)- glad you guys had a blast, i was just hoping this trip opened you guys up to the benefits of travelling. did really well for first majors too, i think everyone will agree on that. sad that kevin will be in HK for lil bit but everyone is looking forward to your return.

justin- good shit for sparing longer than you would normally spare for 3s casuals, this guy is kind.

mike infinite!- thanks for the room, couldn t of got my beauty rest without it, we should get together to play some 3s casuals, i ll make it fun for you to play. can t play marvel though, everyone is too far along for me to catch up, fuckin top 4 is so scary.

major props to big eric for running the show, it was great times for the players.

big fuck you to everyone that didn t but said they would show up for 3s, your all scrubs and i ve brushed all of you aside in the past 2 years at any event, blasted stoned out of my mind slow as shit. you all missed out on a great times for 3s(this side of the US) without breaksticks. again, a big fuck you to all of you online scrubs that talk a big game. no show without good reason = scrub asses with no playing ability. you know who you all are, thanks for excusing yourself from the event, everyone benefited. fuckin big mouth scrubs. hate on me and show up for the next 3s events.

ps- i m glad people were talking shit about saturday and my casuals, i walked all over you without even using 70% of myself on sunday. fuckin big mouths, can t even back it up except with more gossip, lil fuckin women with egos.

great tourny guys, see everyone at the next event

btw- john cao is gonna be beastly, i look forward to avoiding you in the brackets for the summer time

DSP/josh wong- these guys were better than 2/3 everyone there, and they dedicate maybe an hour a month for 3s, hope to see you guys in more 3s events for the summer, its gonna be scary

NY: born, raised and returned, motherfuckin CF, represent



EC <3

kofiend - your smoking didn’t help anyone -_- i had a headache towards the end of BOTH days cuz you smoked in my room, and you smoked while playing at the tournament area…it really fucked with my head…

although i think the bigger reason i got owned in our games near the end is because i shouldn’t have used that stick anymore. believe it or not, i didn’t try to parry much, because i knew it was risky. but the spring on that stick is mad tight, so i think i let go of block tons of times (it explains blocking shorts and getting hit by mantis) because of lethargy. but that doesn’t mean you’re any less of a beast. play justin more and i won’t even have a chance at you =/

i hit you with a handful of slashes that came after a move, hardly enough to win and hardly enough to push to the corner and keep you there, i know what i hit you with. second set, you didn t get a round on me 6-0, so i knew something was up with the stick, thanks for tainting my victory, stick with one stick you bum

Best tourney I’ve ever been to, hands down. Second tourney I’ve been to, but still I haven’t this much fun playing 3S in forever:tup: Big props to Big Eric, everything seemed to run without any hitches, venue was great, etc.

I guess I expected too much, still getting comfortable with stick. Combos and everything are still there, but the simple basics not being 100% made me scrub out this tourney. Definitely gonna be better prepared next time.

John Cao, dude, you’re fucking unreal. LOL, I think people kind of misunderstood when we were going crazy, but quite literally the night before this man could not even pull out super when he wanted to, and I remember him actually learning kara throw for the first time the day of the team tourney. I don’t even think he was expecting much, but that OCV just took me by surprise.

Yo Kzai, I think I understand now what you were explaining at with the money match. Didn’t really understand the motivation for it before that, but if you want another next major, we good to go. Good job taking my MM virginity, I hope you enjoyed your soda bitch:pleased:

Phil+Grant+Khang+EricL, thanks for the ride+housing, really appreciate it. Phil, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone improve firsthand as much as I’ve seen you have. It’s almost as amazing as what John did, but from when I last played you couple months back to now, it’s like you’re completely different player, good shit:tup: Grant, just fuckin listen to me!!!:badboy:

VA peoples:
T5 champ Wojito, fuckin VA phenom. 17 year old winning tourneys, you make even my ass feel old:sad: Good job man, I had no idea someone like you was even in the community, but that shit was awesome, keep it up!

Pat, you motherfucker, hah, waking up at 7 pm and missing all the tourneys was top tier:clap: Always love watching your Alex play, you need to play 3S for real more often!!

Eric V and Pete(fuckin HALO CHAMP, bitch!!! hah), nice chillin with y’all at the tourney. Hit me up when y’all head to Springfield Mall, I’ll donate a couple dollars to the Marvel machine.

Damn is that it? Haha, if there’s anyone else from VA I forgot to mention, good shit to y’all for coming. MarkG, you need to come out next time and rep Elena.

Matches I remember:

EricLee(KE) vs Quotes(MA)
Jesus this match was fucking good. Start to finish. Momentum swings back and forth, great execution from both players. Remember both of them mixing it up like Quotes fierce Hayate at start of the round into karakusa(which even surprised me, hah), Eric constant double ex hado pressure, and an instance where they BOTH jump back on wakeup, haha shit was great to watch.

Khang(KE?) vs KOFiend(YA)
Again, the execution in this match was just insane. Honestly, I only caught the second round, but KO mixed that shit up perfectly, hi/lo/command grabs into ex/regular mantis slashes. Fuckin beautiful to watch, I think it was a semifinal?

JustinW(CH) vs Quotes(MA)
Haha, I think Quotes managed to win a match(or round?) on Justin and he and Albert just started clapping and cheering, you could def. feel that energy in the air. LMAO, but I glanced down at Justin when they started doin it and I saw him look up and like smile for a second, but he didn’t say anything. Not surprisingly Justin won soon after, but I just thought that moment was just golden:smile:

Are ya’ll talking about Cigarettes or Weed?

BTW, how close was the final between Justin and KOFiend?

Hey, give the other 2 some credit for top 5 in marvel.

Top 5 was

1st. Justin Wong
2nd. IFC YiPeS
3rd. President Kelly
4th. Demon Hyo
5th. SmoothViper

*Yipes, I put you in the loser’s bracket and then you came back and put me out of the loser’s bracket. What a coinky doink, haha! Well, I guess that makes us even in tournament once again, eh. 2-2 We’ll settle that score somewhere in the near future.:badboy:

On a side note: Justin Wong has been awakened! Yipes is the hottest player on the EC and he’s the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

Oh, almost forgot… SmoothViper is the #1 canidate for any team tournament because that man BEASTED on Justin’s team EACH TIME he played them. Justin’s team was, Matrix, Rahsaan, and Justin himself. Erik even sweeped the team during one of the sets.

~Born to Play~

I heard that NEC was a great turn out and congrats to the tournament runners and players. Thats a good thing for your community. I am trying to find out full results so that I can post them on the Empire site. So please take a look to make sure the ranks that are currently posted on our forms is correct and if they are not please post here so the corrections can be made. Also does anyone know the Soul Calibur 3 tournament?


ST or SC3 results anyone? With characters used?

3-0 sweep in winners finals, 4-0 sweep in grand finals (1st and only set, justin winners, kofiend losers).

This was a deebo tournament…good shit to eric for holding it down,ill support ur future tournaments neday.Shout outs to the rest of the philly crew…brandon,bryheem(one half manager of the EC,lol)Rickmears and julian.

Might as well post team Tournament Results.

1st.Team DeadCell (Sanford Kelly,Yipes,Smoothviper)
2nd.Team Syndicate (Justin Wong,C.Matrix,rashaan)
3rd.Team Philly (Josh Wong,Demonhyo,Rick Mears)

Mann it was fun this tourney. I’m going to get all my little spawns of 3s to kill all of you other 3s players. Lolz. My coaching and advice is GOLDEN. Right exodus? :slight_smile:
BIG E: Thanks for holding another tourney!!!
Khang: You need another char though. But your still solid. Turtle more…
Eric Lee: Stop wasting meter with ken. It’s not good.
Quotes: Mann we almost like end up in some land mines on the way back to NYC.
KOFIEND: YO I fucking told you to pick SA1 and what you called dont waste random meter. If anything I’ll see you in ctf.
KZAI: Listen to me and you’ll get to places. Soon you wouldnt have to listen to me while you play.
Albert: you need to be more confident in your execution. I seen you do way better in ctf. But I’ll train you though.
Nestor: There aint no RC in 3s but your still damn good in cvs2
Smoothcat: Stop pressing the buttons so loud. Gives me an advantage.
Brandon: Your marvel mix is serious!!! And no more mag.
Julian: I am low tier master
Damian: My shuma is over yours
Josh Wong: Your low tiers got nothing on my omega red.
Flashmetroid: Blah I’ll miss picking on you in like every game.
Infinite: I think I saw you sleep more than you being awake.
Sanford: You fucked me up one game but I came back and fucked you up the next game
Yipes: You a beast but you need to learn how to block sometimes.
I forgot who else I forgot. Oh yea thanks to that little kid holding it down with the burgers and drinks.