Necalli Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Necalli, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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I didn’t get to play the beta but this character is very appealing to me. I’m excited to see what he can do.

i’m not sure if james is actually coming back to post in here, or if he was just laying down the skeleton for the rest of us to fill in.

here’s notes i’ve been taking:

j.LK - your farthest reaching air to air, but also your weakest.
j.HK - a bit shorter than LK, but the damage payoff is much better.
j.MP - this is a very good button, as it puts enemy into juggle state if it hits. from here you can just HP DP/EXDP/super for maximum damage, or go for a reset into safe HK stomp/vskill or command grab.

j.MK - can crossup. really good angle.
j.HP - more damage, less range.
j.dHK (divekick) - never seems to crossup (maybe against big chars?) it either hits in front or whiffs completely. alters your jump trajectory, so can be good to discourage or avoid DPs. it’s pretty slow though, and will probably get DPed if you use it in someone’s DP arc. you don’t get much out of this divekick without EX meter (in which case you can LP xx EX stomp)

stLP - very fast normal, decent range, you can do stLP, stLP xx EX stomp. HP DP also works, but damage payoff is low and there are distances where LP hits but DP does not, can be risky.
crLP - more or less identical to stLP, except it is lower.
crLK - equal range to crLP. won’t know which is better for command throw setups until frame data is out, but LK hits low and LP doesn’t.
stLK - pretty fast, but not much you can do off of it. still good to throw out now and then to throw off your opponent. looks like one of those standing lows from other games, but actually can be blocked high.
stMP - fast and good range. cancelable, and can combo into MK stomp when in vtrigger.
crMP - more or less identical to stMP, except it is lower.
crMK - tempting to use this like a shoto crMK, it has good range, is cancelable, and hits low. however the startup on it is quite slow.
stHP - equal range to crMP. slower, but is a crush counter. against standing opponents you don’t get much off of the cc other than a lot of time to confirm a cancel into something else.
stMK - also very fast, but has hardly any horizontal range. pretty good button for swatting dhalsim out of the air, but for everyone else you want to use DP as antiair.
stHK - a decent poke, and a crush counter. this is your big crush counter punish, meterless you can do crHP xx HP berserker slash.
crHP - the only normal that combos into HK stomp. is also a crush counter, but like stHP you don’t get much off it on standing opponents. on antiair crush counter you can do a safe stomp setup.

target combo: stMK, stHK, vskill: the HK is incredibly unsafe on block. the vskill is safe on block, but your opponent can interrupt it if they are aware they can and looking out for it. it’s a combo into your vskill (which you want to do if you want to build vtrigger), and not much more. still worth using for the vtrigger it generates, but i would not use it outside of a jumpin.

vskill - neutral on block, long startup. can be used at long range in neutral. mostly just valuable for the fact that it generates vtrigger meter. you’ll have to find ways to set it up, or condition your opponent until you can start throwing it out unchallenged.

HP DP has the most startup invincibility and is your go to for blowing through blockstrings. as an antiair, enemies tend to fall out of it, but the invincibility still makes it worth using over LP DP. (MP DP is a maybe)

berserker slash - goes through fireballs, checks backdashes, obviously unsafe on block. in vtrigger it hits twice and becomes a more reliable and damaging combo ender. it is a charge move so i’ve only used it in situations where i remember to charge it (predicting a fireball at jumpin range, stun, crush counters, etc) it is also not super cancelable, if you want to cancel into super you want to use LK/MK stomp instead.
EX berserker slash - doesn’t cover ground like normal versions, but does more damage. combo ender, plain and simple.

LK stomp - fastest of the stomps, but is at least -3 on block (can be jab punished if close enough) so you want to do this at a distance where jab punish isn’t possible. cMK xx LK stomp will frame trap opponents who are mashing (unless they are mashing something with invincibility and those moves are unfuckwitable anyway).
MK stomp - neutral on block, but slower than LK stomp. vtrigger makes it startup faster and necalli can combo into it off st/crMP.
HK stomp - even more safe on block (maybe even advantage on block), but has massive startup so you will often have to find ways to safely land it. on hit (it does combo off crHP), it pops enemies into the air… though you don’t get anything off of it other than a long knockdown.
EX stomp - maybe -1 on block? pretty safe way to get in, but i would use this mostly to tack on damage onto LPs.

LP command grab - has more range than normal throws. not amazing zangief range, but you can cLP your opponent and usually end up close enough to command grab them.
HP command grab - 20 more damage in exchange for having the worst range. use in scenarios where the range is not an issue (i.e. resets, dash up grab, etc.)
EX command grab - range is equal to LP grab. damage payout on this is low (necalli does not have very many attacks that juggle), this move is clearly intended to set up reset into command throws or safe stomp/vskill setups. you are at less advantage in the corner when using this.

super - typical super, you can basically tack this onto the end of most combos for an extra 300 damage (which is probably a bit more than what the 3 bars could do individually).

I have two issues at the moment.

  1. I really don’t know how to approach the opponent. If I try mind-games I normally get jabbed out by everyone. I feel like my approach has to be a risky “Berserker Slash” or a j.dHK to try and get a right angle, but even then my hits seem limited since MP and FP have longer startups, HK is ridiculously long startup and LP+LK is very hard to get anything out of without EX.
  2. I really, really don’t know how to deal with Karin or Laura. The rekka and elbow spam feels unpunishable – if I attempt to, I eat another rekka or elbow.

You can get stuff off HK Stomp. EX Stomp for one, and I think HP DP.

Do you mean footsies, when you’re in their face with pressure, or what?

Laura’s LP Elbow is -2 on block. Any of your mediums will beat all her buttons so she’s forced to block or to try and escape a throw. Karin’s Rekka is very minus but she can catch mashing with the followups so it’s a guess. I think a slightly delayed jab beats most everything though.

Karin has been a huge issue for me as well. Maybe I’m approaching the matchup wrong but I don’t see how to beat her pressure. Also Dhalsim, I’ve only fought a couple online but he still does sim things and keeps me from ever landing hits on him.

Hey guys,
Been out of the 2D fighting game scene for many years, but hopping back in with SFV.

I was just wondering if someone could clarify what Slash and Stomp refer to as used in the Necalli combo/tech thread? I’m assuming Stomp is Valiant Rebellion (fairly obvious) and Slash is The Disc’s Guidance? Is there anywhere I can learn the common abbreviations/colloquialisms used? I’m familiar with DP (dragon punch) and some of the more basic/common terms from back in the day that have carried over, but I feel a little lost trying to decipher some of these new terms that seem to describe moves instead of using the actual name of the move. Any help is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I guess there’s always Google. :slight_smile:


Yup, then Grab is often his Command Throw.

But no, we’re making them up as we go along.

How should i be playing Necalli? I try to play footsies and captilize on whiffs but the Kens and Karins just seem to rush me down

I am kinda working on a Necalli guide right now, I have some stuff in the Combo / Tech thread I think I may move to this post instead and keep that to a raw data thread.

I am finding Necalli has to be played at very specific ranges to win. at absolute close range where he can force a 50/50 situation is where he really thrives and can hit big damage. When he is outside of that range, it is tough for him to win. the cr MP is a decent speed at 5 frames so it can do some nice counterhitting in mid range but a lot of characters can blow it up pretty easily. the cr MK is really slow at 8 frames so be very careful, its better for catching someone trying to walk in on you rather than coutner hitting. St MP is decent in the mid range too. But I have to say he will usually lose in the mid range against most characters, its better to escape to full range or get right back in.

When you are far away the v skill is awesome to keep people from freely moving around if you can make a nice read. they also shut down projectiles. His neutral jumps are pretty awesome for keeping people out too. jump MK is a great cross up tool, its very ambiguous. his jumps in general are very strong.

Does anyone have tips for dealing with Zangief? Once I discovered the wonderful move that is st.MK, I found a lot of my issues disappeared against most of the cast; however, Zangief still seems a bit troublesome since he wants me to be up close and personal. I fully admit to getting scrubbed out by his f.HP armoured move, specifically.

i think necalli handles the neutral fine, but it’s harder for him in execution than other characters.

it’s like playing a more active (probably why mike ross is on necalli), you need to do the dance of footsies and occasionally DP or go crazy, but you also need to hold onto a back charge so you can LP slash through fireballs, whiff punish, and maximize every stMP you hit with.

once we get the hang of spacing LP slash so it is mostly safe…

I thought slash was always punishable ?

Does EX command grab have any invulnerability to hits or throws? I saw Alucard doing ex command grab -> reset into another ex grab so I’m wondering if he’s doing it cuz no one expects it or because there’s hit invulnerability on it.

Nope, but you can do it meaty enough to beat everything else out.

mm, after testing some more it only really applies to sim and nash (who requires ridiculously good spacing to make slash safe against). everyone else gets a decent enough punish to not make it worth doing :frowning:

Can Sim not or Nash it?

at that distance, nash’s doesn’t hit on the first frame and it ends up getting blocked.

need to test sim more to be sure, could’ve just been human error.

use V Skill to zone him at full screen when you can. hold your ground and try to back him up. neutral jumps are really strong against gief. try to bait out lariats in neutral and use Slash to punish. all giefs do it. play far away, only go in on knockdowns and dont chance it when he has super