Necalli Combo/Tech Thread

Want to know what the best punish or Crush Counter combo Necalli has? Any character-specific combos to maximize your damage? What’s the best no-meter combo you can do? Farthest corner carry? All of these questions can be answered here.

Also, have a crazy set-up to share? A new mix-up that you want others to test out? Share all your best tech as well!

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Lights + Mids:


**(cr) LP > LP xx DP or EX Stomp **

to interrupt slow, untrue block strings or punish -3. only works close range. EX Stomp is safe on block and allows you to maintain pressure, and rewards with about 1/4 of their stun bar. on CH LP can combo to LK Stomp or MP and those can link to super. first LP can be substituted with cr LK for a low setup.

st MP > cr MP xx Slash or LK/EX Stomp

typically I land this from a cross up jump MK as this is the heaviest button you can start with. Can substitute st MP with st MK. Substitute EX Slash for about 50 more damage + 100 more stun. Can link LK stomp or cr MP to confirm super.

Target Combo (st MK > st HK > V Skill)

I will use this in place of the combo listed above. Used to build V Trigger. I prefer corner carry over V Gauge but that may change.

Cr MK or MP xx LK Stomp or LP Slash

Meterless Low far poke, can substitute with EX for about 50 more damage and 100 more stun. This is a great pressure tool, and is reasonably safe on block. Max range MP and anything after about 3/4 range of the MK will not combo to LK stomp but will always combo to Slash or EX Stomp. On CH, MP or MK can combo to MK Stomp for better damage and range. Can also link to super.

Heavys + CCs


cr or st FP xx MK Stomp > cr MP xx LP Slash

Big Damage + corner carry meterless. Substitute EX Slash to earn a bit more damage (about 30) and stun (about 75). MUST BE SUPER CLOSE RANGE or the cr MP will whiff. Can also link cr MP to super.

cr FP xx HK Stomp > DP

Big Damage Meterless, and works from farther back than the combo listed above. Can follow up with EX Stomp for a great Cross up MK setup. Can also follow up with EX DP but the Damage does not seem worth the meter spend for only about 30 more. Can also link HK stomp to Super.

CC St HK or DF FP > LP or EX Slash
Max range punish. With ST HK you actually will always be able to walk forwards and hit a cr MK but sometimes it can be difficult. with overhead, you will not always be in range to link anything else but a slash.

CC ST HK > cr MK xx LK or EX Stomp

I typically use the LK ender to get a max damage max range confirm to super. If I used overhead and hit from max range, I will just use Raw Super.

CC ST HK > walk fwd > St HK xx VT > walk fwd > cr FP xx MK stomp > cr MP xx MK Stomp

Max Damage combo (550 with Super). can be linked to super at many points. Requires 1frame links and must be absolute close range. Typically I will use this variation instead:

CC ST HK > cr MP xx VT > cr MP xx MK Stomp > cr MP xx MK Stomp

Does close to the same damage and can be linked to super as well in many places. Substitute CC ST HK for a Jump HK and this combo works as well. Can use EX Slash or MP slash as an ender for more damage and corner carry.

Overheads + CCs:


V Trigger:


cr MP xx MK stomp > cr MP xx MK Stomp (V TRIGGER ONLY)

This is basically the main combo that gets added when V Trigger is activated. The ability to hit MP xx MK stomp is very strong and can be hit from any range of the cr MP. On CH you can do cr MP > cr MP xx MK Stomp.

cr MK xx MP Slash (V TRIGGER ONLY)

Another nice combo added by activating V Trigger. You can also combo MP xx MP Slash in V Trigger.

How to throw and command throw:

chapter 1


Necalli’s Command throw can only be done within the range of 1 ticked jab and only the LP and EX versions. Anything else and he will be pushed too far out of range. You can also throw from 1 tick away. Regular throw starts up in 5 frames, Command throws start up in 8, but cannot be teched. The damage from an LP command throw is only a little less than off a normal throw, but also builds less meter. Command throws do not reward any sort of set up, regardless of V Trigger mode or not. Consider these things when using different throws.

When an opponent is stunned or has whiffed a large recovery move, always use the command grab for maximum meter gain. It also serves as a solid newbie punish.

An extremely meaty into LP/EX command grab works, but it’s almost impossible to time. You literally have to do it on the last possible active frame.

When you land a jump in, regardless of whether it’s blocked or not, is a great time to set up a command throw. Typically if you are able to react in time, you should pretty well always take the damage, meter, and stun rewarded from a st MP/MK Combo starter.

Knockdowns are also a great chance for a command throw attempt, however you will not have time to set up a 2nd command grab after landing a first one. you are left too far away from the opponent’s corpse and cannot reach them before they wake up. Crush Counter knockdowns are always untechable so you can dash their corpse into the corner as much as you can to set up here as well.

Dashing in is always a great way to catch someone turtling (especially in the corner) and the V Trigger dash is just ridiculous.

Lastly, when 2 players happen to fall at the same height and will land next to eachother, a 5050 will occur. You can also force the 5050 off of EX Command throw but I will talk about that more in another post.

These are pretty much your options in 5050 situations if you want to set up grab mixup:

  1. Throw (command or normal)
  2. Jab > Throw (command or normal)
  3. DP (FP or EX)
  4. Jab > DP(FP or EX)
  5. Overhead
  6. Jab > Overhead
  7. Block
  8. Jab > Block
  9. Meaty Heavy
  10. Low Light
  11. St MK String

So when I say this, these are things that someone might think are coming in place of a command grab. Leverage risk reward in accordance with the different options. A DP beats the most options, but loses very hard to blocking. So that skews the risk very high. A command grab does not, but it is basically the anti-option to their DP bait. Being extreme will cause opponents to shift their defensive style, whereas using something with a lesser risk will not influence as much of a shift in their defensive style.

These all will work in different situations and will cause your opponent to defend in different ways. Adding a tick (jab) will keep the opponent ground if they are attempting to jump or reset them if they back dash, and also helps the start up time to the grab or any other move because the opponent is locked in block or hit stun. Meaty grabs should always beat any normal attack but this can be difficult to time precisely with 100% accuracy even for experienced players because of different wakeup options. The tick will also provide an easier meaty timing in most cases. It can also save a failed grab setup in case they do happen to get reset or the jab is mistimed because you can react and block/DP instead of whiffing the grab.

The basic idea is you want to scare or condition your opponent into doing something and then react with the appropriate move. Sounds easy enough right? But it can be a pretty complicated game of ro-sham-bo.

First of all you want to see if your opponent is even reacting to what you are doing, or if they are just using the same option each time the situation arises. After blocking a jump MK and they simply block your st MP > cr MP xx Stomp combo, next time try a throw. If they eat the throw, chances are they are going to eat that throw again because they aren’t changing their defense in response to the different options they have seen you go to.

Using a tick or block string is a very safe approach to try and learn how your opponent defends / getting a read on their defensive style. Going straight for a command throw or DP is a very risky approach, but this might also instill a greater fear into your opponent in regards to what kind of player you are and the gambles you will take. someone who gets a jump in blocked and goes straight for a DP is definitely seen as a nut but you can take advantage of this and use a throw next time because they are definitely fishing to CC punish your whiffed DP.

The greatest players will always have a varied defense. It is up to you to create sequences using different strength normals to try and pinpoint their escapes, and use enough grabs to keep them squirming. When you sense they have had enough and are going to go for an escape, throw, or strike, you have to be on top of them with the DP. IF they are DPing you every single string, bait it out and rock them.

EX Command Throw setups:

  1. st Jab > dash under > 5050 (throw / meaty / DP / Block) Must be done in V Trigger to dash under
  2. st MP > Jump MK This has the potential to hit in front, but then have necalli land behind the opponent in V Trigger. Very ambiguous jump regardless. The lower the opponent is when the MP connects, the further Necalli will travel (cross up at lowest point) Can be reversal’d or AA’d
  3. jump LP > 5050. DP can punish Necalli upon landing with a DP. Can land on either side of opponent.
  4. cr FP in Corner > 5050 Necalli can successfully block a reversal DP in time

I have not played around with these too much, to be honest I normally just take the DP Damage unless I am in the corner because it is a powerful 5050. the Jump MK setup is quite hard to block if timed correctly, however players will catch on quickly and AA you to shut this down after they have seen it a few times. can be mixed in with other EX command grab setups to be more effective.

I tend to just sweep these days. Sets up the meaty or you can block if they have a DP.

Is the cr.hp safejump an automatic one, just mash out the cr.hp and hold up forward?

cr FP isnt a safe jump, it just resets them in the corner and rewards almost as much damage as the DP follow up even if the 5050 results in a tie.

Oh, I assumed that when you said he could block a DP that you’d found a safejump off it. If you just mean he’s not horribly negative on reset I guess that’s a thing, although you shouldn’t use any reset where you’re negative as a rule of thumb.

You can also do a late cr.hp xx HK Stomp to be really plus on block and get another reset on hit. I’m talking something like last active frame of 6 to hit, so you’re +8 in VT, +5 outside of it. Loses to DPs of course. MK Stomp is too fast, can’t land it meaty

I only get LP Slash to connect after in V-Trigger…

sorry what are you trying to combo? V trigger does not change cr MK.

you can do cr MK xx EX Slash

or cr MK xx MK stomp on Counterhit ONLY

Non VT: > EX Slash is combo as well as into lk stomp.

VT-Mode: > mp slash is combo, not only light stomp.

So does change in VT Trigger as well. Its a nice addition since its 167 Damage on a…

cool, didnt know that, will throw that in!

setup vs 4 and 5 frame dps:


crush counter sweep -> dash forward -> -> nj.hp

i think it works on 5 frames with cr.lp instead

Probably the max stun any character can get? Corner specific.

Did not see in the combo post but you can do st.FP xx MK Stomp > cr.MP xx LP Slash.

Nice. I saw a Nash player get a 655 stun combo with a mid-screen counter hit earlier and I thought that was crazy. Seems like a few characters can get huge stun combos if they have the resources available.

you can option select sims wakeup teleport

any chain where the second hit has v skill (neutral) will work

i also did then

this same os works for a lot of characters if they want to chase sim down.

So I noticed different moves build up different amounts of V meter. Sweep builds 1/3. V skill builds just under half a bar and s. HP, c. HP and s. HK each build half but Necalli’s overhead builds one whole stock so with that in mind I worked out a few combos off of CC overhead.

**df HP > LP slash **177 damage 255 stun
**df HP > EX slash **241 damage 301 stun
df HP > dash forward > s. LP xx HP uppercut 219 damage 303 stun
df HP > TC 226 damage 325 stun (max meter gain)
df HP > TC xx VT > HP slash 301 damage 400 stun
df HP > c. MK xx VT > s. HP xx HP slash 294 damage 405 stun
df HP > c. MP xx VT > s. HP xx HP slash 303 damage 405 stun
df HP > s. HK xx VT > s. HP xx HP slash 330 damage 450 stun
df HP > VT > super 400 damage 120 stun
df HP> s. HK xx VT > s. HP xx HK stomp > super 502 damage 480 stun

You do have to walk forward to get these to connect. Also if you hit the overhead from downtown, you won’t be able to connect a c. MP or target combo afterwards. If you’re in the corner you can substitute HP slash with HK stomp into uppercut for more damage.

Are you able to link Cr MK xx LK stomp > Cr MP xx LK stomp?

LK Stomp is a dead end. You can only cancel into CE.

Ooo i see thanks alot!