Necalli General Thread: Necalli enters the Tournament!

I love everything about the character, the way he looks, the way he attacks, his super is sick as hell! Im HYPEEDDDDD!!!

This guy looks so sick… Can’t wait to see what he can do. Looks like a violent rushdown character for sure.

So that’s his name.

I spelled it Nakaali. We’ll see i guess.

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So many questions. We need to see some gameplay.

Is that a grab toss (wall bounce on ex) a grab or a hit? What’s his v-skill?

He got a divekick!

wait, does he have C viper’s seismic hammer?

Oh, l like Necalli. Reminds me of Wolverine and Sabretooth from the MvC games moveset wise


New boss, maybe?

New boss? Nah. This dude is Brazilian Akuma.

Launch Octopus from Megaman X confirmed

No hes not the new boss. He does look amazing and powerful. Gives me a Asura vibes.

I think hes an Aztec. Brazil has the largest section of the amazon forest. There are tribes deep in the amazon that havent even met current civilization right now. Im guessing thats what Capcom’s take on him. Is if u listen to him talking at the beginning of the match he sounds like his speaking some kind of tribe language He’s in brazil but hes far from being brazillian.

So it looks like he has 2 Critical Arts. One regular and one when his V-Trigger is active. Watch the video and let me know if I’m off.

Aztecs didn’t live in the amazon. They’re from mexico.

It’s the inca empire that was in the amazonian jungle. Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia region nowadays.

Except his stage in the trailer is the New Zealand stage, not Brazil.

So he’s most likely a Maori tribesman

Aztec is just an example. For all we know, Capcom can just make up some tribe for his story.

I’m so giving this guy a try.