NECALLI Match Up Thread


Highlight me with @SUPARNOVAX for match up notes to include in the corresponding discussion.

I can’t believe nobody is complaining about him yet.

Free anti air jabs.
Good command grab setups
Annoying distracting hair physics
Overhead crush counter
Invincible uppercut
Dive kick with good results against cr.HP
Unpublishable stomp pressure

I cant beat a good necalli, how are fellow bisons handling him?

Its like he plays our game but with better/more options on offense and defense

This is a serious matchup flaw in my opinion. Bison has literally nothing to compete.

If you can’t keep him out plus you like to jab a lot or poke like a tug of war after blocking, you might as well bend over.

It’s hard to jump at him but you can challenge him at mid range, get the knockdown and bait a DP and remove like nearly
40% of his health in a combo.

This is a hard match up. A Mid-range game is the way to go, otherwise Necalli has got Bison beat. Once you’re down, your most likely going to be very close to him. In other words, dont make mistakes and get up ASAP. Right now my only strat against him is to bait his random Disc’s Guidance and use st.Mk as a poker. Necalli’s light normals are just too good. Great anti air and poker. I don’t even want to talk about Necalli’s corner game against bison. Too unreal.

tl;dr - Bison loses this match up

Got stomped by a high level Necalli yesterday. Haven’t suffered a beat down that hard in quite some time. Was a fellow Irish player too. But I’m not writing this match up off, I need more experience.

So I think Bison wins in the neutral game, Necalli’s pokes are nothing to write home about.
The corner is death for both characters.

Necalli’s dive kick, I can anti air fairly successfully with C.HP. The slowness of C.HP often compensates for the small pause in the air Necalli does when dive kicking.

Necalli never has a true block string with C.MK xx LK/MK Stomp. He needs to use his S.HP or C.HP for that.
So while you can obviously V-Reversal out of the pressure you can also use a reversal EX.Head Press to evade LK. Stomp and force a block and punish MK. Stomp after they are cancelled from C.MK. Never the less your not going to get much out of a block DR as Necalli will have a 3 frame jab to contest the follow up to Devils Reverse.

LK Stomp is -4 on block. While MK Stomp is -2. There is at least a 5 frame gap between C.MK xx MK.Stomp, so your able to land counterhit C.LP, C.MP xx whatever if you know he’s going to do it.
If you do block the MK stomp, Necalli’s can throw out DP to stop your jab xx blast from pushing him out. High risk for Necalli though

Once V-Trigger is active his LK Stomp becomes safe against Bison at -3 and his MK becomes -1. Again the Necalli’s like to throw out DP here even more because they catch alot of player unaware that LK.SK is safer.

If Necalli has no meter you can safe jump him off LP.Inferno. You can off MP.Inferno but you will loose if you cross him up for some reason. S.HK, C.MP xx MP.Inferno will not set up a safe jump but if you proceed it with a jump in attack before that combo it will set it up.

I wouldn’t fear his command grab too much. It does only the same damage as normal throw.
They do however set him up with meaty pressure.

Off a normal forward Necalli doesn’t get much mid screen, I believe backdash will evade most of his options if Necalli dashes in and goes for a meaty.
Off a back throw followed by dash than S.HK meaty, EX. Head Press will evade the S.HK.

His S.HK is dangerous as a poke because of its crush counter properties. However its got 21 frames recovery. Whiff punishing with S.HP is viable and also using a buffered Shadow Axe outside/at the edge of poke range is a good counter to it.