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I don’t know if this a me thing or a Guile matchup thing but…

I have no idea how to fight Necalli correctly. He’s super good up close with lots of good blockstrings, safe on block normals/specials, damage, combos, good pokes, a DP AND a command throw. You can play the fireball game against him but he has good options to deal with them (Ground Slam and Dash).

So far the best options I can think of are just outsmarting him in fireball game (but if he gets you, he gets a free dash up close) and attempting to beat him in the poke/counterpoke/whiff punish game.


I think you actually have to play the match up close.

I’ve played this match a few times and the ground pound has been a pain to deal with. You can’t bazooka knee or sobat over it.


Lol Bazooka over the ground and pound would be amazing!!! Its a grounded move though.

So I played a bunch of Necallis yesterday. I think its not the easiest match as a lot of the zoning options are limited, he has a DP and his buttons are amazing.

Full screen
You can safely boom at full screen. So jump back boom pressure can be applied. The Necalli will start walking forwards to put you in seismo range, and you will be edging towards the corner so obviously this tactic doesnt really get you much. EX booms can be good however as Necalli will probably try to seismo when you’re far away, and he will be beat out clean.

Long distance
You need to use your booms sparingly as Necalli has disk guidance, jump ins and seismos to beat them out. They will look for booms to punish, so use your superior walk speed to play footsies. Jumping doesnt work well as Necalli’s anti air game is one of the best.

Mid/close range
Keep anti air on lock. I dont have any specific matchup tips here.


I found that during the footsie game st.MK helps alot to beat most his normals. Just watch for Necalli’s st.HK when trying to out poke him.


Seismos are the way for necalli to deal with guile’s sonic booms so you have to get rid of that option. If your opponent is abusing sesmos then you can neutral jump or back jump, using his recovery window or the safe fullscreen zone for a free sonic boom. Once your booms are out it becomes a lot harder for him to seismo and most opponents will start looking for jump and disk’s guidance opportunities, which you can bait and punish.
Also worth noting is that v skill boom beats disk’s guidance and ex boom beats dg and seismo. So it is very useful in this match up.


Thank you for this tip. For some reason really is good against him.