Necalli Q&A Thread

If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Necalli, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Necalli, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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is necalli a satsui no hado practitioner??

No clue yet. All we know is from the small amount of story in the current arcade mode in which he is after strong souls to devour.

Do we have frame data yet?

He’s a pillarman

I don’t really understand how to play this character. He was sold as a rushdown character but playing him he feels very underwhelming to me. I know I must be very wrong, my problem is I don’t get the idea.

First his range is VERY short, but ok if he’s god like upclose I guess it’s a fair trade. But I don’t get why he’s so powerful up close? Every move he does has an enormous pushback putting him in a bad spot. Most of the time if I hit with a cr.FP,qcfMK my crMP doesn’t even connect because I’m out of range ! I must do something very wrong because I don’t see anybody else complaining about this or having troubles (been watching PRBalrog, Kazunoko, etc.).
What are his good buttons? HK have a good range but it’s unsafe :frowning:
It’s the beggining of the game so nobody is punishing it, but it’ll come. And I guess the only blockstring I’ve seen on video is stMK,crMP, stomp but even the lk stomp is unsafe … Can I do the MK stomp instead? Won’t it be DP’d?
I have the hardest time to take advantage of knockdowns too but I guess it’s not very Necalli related.
I just started the game so I will not jump on the gun and ranting about this or that, he looks like a very (dope) powerfull character, but I just wish to understand where lies the true strenghts of non VT Necalli :slight_smile:

mp and are both really strong, safe, and can hit confirm into big damage combos. HK is really good if you know the range of your opponent, just don’t throw it out too often because it can be punished by sweeps and moves with invincibility. I have been playing a bit more on the defensive side because your crush counter can convert into huge damage, and is easy to combo off of. My game plan so far has been to walk them into the corner and keep them grounded with dp and cr.hp, then try to pressure them into pressing a button. Keep them at a range where you can safely throw out mp or then try to catch them with a combo or go for the command grab if they are turtling. On knock down you can cross up with or bait them into wake up buttons and punish accordingly. That’s just my plan though, I’ve had some success but there are Necalli’s higher on the leaderboards than me.

Does the DP shortcut-motion work for you when you are on the left side? It’s working perfectly for me on the right side of the screen but when I’m on the left side he will do the Command Grab 75% of the time.

(if you are wondering: down-forward -> down-backwards -> down-forward + Punch = DP Shortcut)

You get command grab if you hit pure back in this situation. Works perfectly on both sides if you don’t go beyond the diagonals

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Thanks! Gotta get used to that!

Kind of random question about the frame data guys. I clicked on the Google docs spreadsheet(I’m on an iPhone 6) and I can’t scroll past Nash? Anyone know how to navigate the spreadsheet past n? Lol

There’s this app called Vframes that have both the command list and frame data for all chars

What’s his bnb? -> xx LP/EX Slash
Lights xx EX Stomp
Cr.hp xx MK Stomp -> xx LP/EX Slash

Anyone know how to punish Rashid’s neutral HK eagle spike. Seems that I cant punish with disc’s guidance??? Any ideas?

download vframes on android, you can figure out any punish that way. or you can just experiment in training mode

ex eagle spike -9 cr. mp
jump eagle strike -35 dash -> cr. hp
ex jump eagle spike -35 dash -> cr. hp
lk. whirlwind shot -7 cr. mp

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’ve seen some necallis link out of meaty How does hitting it meaty let you link from it when it’s normally -4 on block, and is there a trick to doing it? I’ve only gotten it to work once or twice and it seems really hard to time.

Well, you have to hit with it so it’s +3 at worst and goes up to +6. The number on block doesn’t matter if you hit them.

The trick is getting a knockdown so that the later active frames connect

oh sorry i got the data mixed up, but still it’s +3 on hit. where are the 3 extra frames of hit stun coming from?