Necalli Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Necalli? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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Just made this tutorial video on the options Necalli has when scoring a Crush Counter Sweep.

^ some great tech in this video. Keep it up

Highlight reel of Alucard very much how I think he should be played personally.

Also this is a good channel for necalli

Haitani(Necalli) on Daigo’s stream 01
Haitani(Necalli) on Daigo’s stream 02

Low level stuff, but I’ve got a bunch of matches uploaded vs a Bison. Just thought I’d share.

Vs standingfierce:

biffotasy - Combo vid

Alucard Part 2

Some tech/tip-videos I made: xx hp.slash does not work in vtrigger, but xx hp.slash does!

Quick notes: HK Stomp is a terrible meaty. It’s 0 on block and pushes you well out of command throw distance while a Potemkin Bustered (HCB then Forward) Command Throw tends to connect after a meaty and if said meaty hits you get more out of it. The only time you should be using it is off a HP air reset where you cancel the HP and get an automatic meaty; the idea is that you’re getting more damage off the reset than a jab or medium would give but a worse setup. When in V-Trigger it’s even better as it’s +3 on block which lets you throw out a and beat anything they press. But if you have time to do a meaty stomp, you have time to do a meaty which is the god meaty.

Off a connected HK Stomp you have a few choices.

Close: HP DP, EX DP, EX Stomp, CA. I prefer EX Stomps here as while it trades a little damage for stun over EX DP the positioning is a million times better as it drops them at your feet but EX DP does have better corner carry. CA is of course there for loads of damage
Mid range: EX DP, EX Stomp, CA. Basically you lose out on your meterless followup here.
Tip: CA only.

Corner: Same options as before, but swap MP DP for HP DP as it does more damage (the first hit of the HP DP doesn’t connect). You can freely EX DP as well thanks to them being stuck in the corner so there isn’t much reason to EX Stomp here.

Ok, thanks for the info guys! Alot of stuff to learn now early on. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was me typing the wrong thing, thanks for the heads up Spinister. :slight_smile:

Good looking out though, try more of these setups!

Getting a little familiar with SFV. In this casual my focus is on simple basics. Didnt really bother to use V-Trigger, yet i know how to combo with it.

Nice finish

I really, desperately need to practice my confirms into super, my AA, and my cringe worthy lack of crush counter punishes.

I’ve got a whole playlist uploaded, if you have any criticism I’d appreciate it. I know I need to do a lot to get better… Need some time to really play.

Haitani (not sure, someone correct me if I’m wrong) puttin’ in work: