Necalli's trials


I’m trying to do Necalli’s trials and for whatever reason it won’t work. I’m new to SF5 and Fight sticks but I’ve really been trying to learn how to use it lately. Anyway for example the combo Jump HP , stand HP, M The Disc’s Guidance. I do everything and my button inputs look exactly like another Youtuber I watched do all the trials but it won’t give me a success. I would like to embed a Youtube video showing you some of the trouble I’m having. How do I do that? Someone please take an interest and help me on the road to learning combos with Necalli. Thanks!

Here is some footage from when I was trying to do step 2 of the Trials. I can’t get the disc guidance to connect… what am I doing wrong? Please halp!


You’re doing the last part too slowly. You’re waiting for the animation to finish before using the next attack, which is what we call a link. What you should do is cancel the recovery frames of the standing HP into the MP Disc Guidance. You need to execute it rhythmically like 1-2-3, or bam-bam-bam. How I see it is you’re doing bam-bam—bam. Start the motion for the guidance disc sooner, as in behind the animation of the standing HP.


Ok let me try that… thanks…


Hey dude, when I try to go bam-bam-bam… either nothing comes out after the standing HP or he just does a standing medium punch. I’ve literally got it where my command list looks exactly like DSP’s when he completed the combo on Youtube. Two back with HP , Forward , then Forward with MP is the commands from bottom to top.


Oh my bad I totally forgot that was a charge move. You should essentially be holding back from the moment you jump and not going forward until right at the end. So jump in start holding back immediately, hard punch, land, hard punch again still holding back then pretty much immediately hit forward MP at the same time.


First of all, press start and set “display move names” to “display commands”. This is MUCH easier to understand.
Secondly, have you watched the demonstrations? A lot of stff is explained there like the combo system, cancels, links, chains etc.

Now to the combo, during the j.hp you must already hold back to “charge” for the Back-forward special(disc’s guidance).
j.hp, st.hp xx bf+mp

when you you press the the st.hp button(during this you still hold back), then immediatly afterwards you press forward+mp. You shouldn’t watch until the st.hp comes out, you need to input the vf+mp special after you press st.hp on your stick or controller. Doing a normal attack in a special is always a “cancel”, this means you have to input it as fast as possible, while it still feeling controlled.

I watched you video and what i’m seeing are 2 problems.

  1. You don’t have the timing down of when you can hit a button after a jump attack. The lower you hit the jump attack the faster your jump attack recovers, the more time you ahve to press the button the ground.
    If you hit the jump button higher you have less time, however you still have to wait until you hit the ground before you can press a button. You need to practice this timing, it’s extremely easy tbh.

  2. You input the special cancel waaaaaaaaay too slow and you do thw wrong input, you use either a quarter circle forward(qcf) or a half circle firoward(hcf). You only need to hold BACK and when you press st.hp, press forward+mp, nothing more to it. You also need to input it way faster.

  • A cancel means you are cancelling the end of a move before it completes, and go straight into another move. A cancel doesn’t require any real timing, just do it fast.


Yeah, Disc’s Guidance is a charge move, which means you have to hold back the moment you’re in the air for your jump attack. You also need to complete the charge motion BEFORE your stand hard punch enters the recovery frames (if you see him pull back his hands, you’re too late). I think what helps is visual cues in your moves to best understand when you’re able to cancel. Inputting cancels is most commonly done after the move has made contact with the opponent and before your character recovers from his attack (pulls back his extended limb, etc).