Necro Ain't so bad



Hey, ya know Necro ain’t so bad! I think it largely comes from the fact that he is unpopular and people don’t know what to expect. I almost beat a really advanced Sean Player ( parried eveything this really good Akuma player threw at him!!!) and I almost beat him with my absolutely scrubby Necro( I played just for kicks I was like I’m gonna lose and people were ooing and ahhing as I almost beat the guy BTW this was at CTF).

from what I know his cr. mp has godlike(?) priority as an anti-air at least so far. As no one visits this Necro section it’ll probably just be me posting for a while… :cool:


So you really think Necro is without hope??? He has some good hi-lo game with his moves it’s just the lag on startup… And I think his throw special is the best. It’s just mixing it up so the guy won’t parry. And I though almost noone plays Necro (element of suprise there)…


I’ve played Apoc a lot in 3s.His dudley is dope. I only beat it once. That was with Necro.I believe that speaks for itself in terms of suprise wins.IMO is that if you want to pull a suprise win out of your ass you bust out a odd ass less common char that you know kinda how to play,or you play scrub like with random pokes.also the super I used to beat him was the throw special,try to parry your way out of that shit in a wake up game!!!:smiley:


heres a link of a bad ass necro playernecro


I think you meant this link :stuck_out_tongue:


Told ya he wasn’t that bad, nah!! :stuck_out_tongue: