Necro and Effie

For some twisted reason, it’s in my mind that there should be a fanfic about life together for Necro and Effie after Gill’s finally been taken down but first I’ll take a poll to see which way I might want to go with it before I commit.

The marriage and friendship angles don’t exactly make for compelling storytelling. I voted for the crime story, since this can very easily turn into a “road movie” tale, which allows for all sorts of characterization when these characters are traveling in search of their next big heist.

The angle where Effie and Necro have a falling out might be interesting, but it’d be a fairly personal, introspective story, which I don’t think is very popular here.

can you edit your polls on here, I want to add one more option.

They turn to a life of crime, getting married sounds fine and all, but then it wouldn’t be all that exciting.

It’s not as cut and dry as you think…I’ve actually got some seriously complex storylines in mind for these two and please believe me,whichever plot I end up taking, “happily ever after” ain’t exactly in the plans.

I put get married and have kids since they will have some freaky Mutant offspring lol!

Time is winding down. So far it looks like its a choice between the family and the crime arcs so I’ll deal out a little more on the plot arcs…that should generate more hits and votes to this thread

Here’ the choices:
Having finally escaped Gill’s tyranny once and for all, Illia(Necro) and Effie decide to tie the knot and soon have two twin girls who inherit their parents’ abilities and decide to follow their father’s footsteps, by entering the latest World Tournament, now headed by Street Fighting legend Ken Masters. They are unaware that a danger from the past is stalking them.


Necro has fought long and hard for his and Effie’s freedom, only to learn that even it has a price. Rejected for his appearance and desparate to eke out an unpoverished existance for themselves, the two mutants use their abilities (yes Effie will finally be able to do more than simply mimic Necro) to perpetrate various crimes. Their actions do no go unnoticed, however, and they are soon being sought after by various factions who want to either hire or eliminate them, including an old enemy they thought to be defeated and a certain Interpole agent.

There it is. Its up to you to decide which one will make the cut…you’ve got till the 17th.

I actually like the marriage idea now.

Yeah, I’m leaning towards the crime as well.

Not because it seems more normal tham marriage, imo, but look at the possibilites you can work with, here:

Doing a Bonnie and Clyde kind of thing can work well to further advance thier character, as much as thier relationship with each other.
We’re talking about straight living the life as outlaws, and rebels together.
Avoiding the common dangers from both society, higher authorites, or even dealing with thier own past with the Illuminati.

I see great development here.


not likely.
The most significant things i see them having to face are child support, and them finding a job.
That can go on a comic level, or a soap opera-ish type.
They would still have to face the same challenges from sociey, but not on a violent level as with the “Crime option”.

so yeah, i take that back.
both are good.
but i would choose crime due to the amount of technicalities you’ll have to deal with should you choose to do marriage.
For instance, you’ll have to explain to me details like…Necro; given all of his inhuman characteristics, can his unique breed even be able to help give birth to a child?
I guess he can, because he WAS a full human, right?

Will Effie die giving birth to who knows what will be born from her womb?
I dunno.

Then you’ll have to go in explain shit like DNA, and all other stuff.

Thats only assuming if birth giving will ever be in your fanfic.

I actually was gonna kind of skirt the issue on the DNA stuff and all the other technicalities…who knows given how neck and neck things are, I might end up doing both…at the very least I’d do a tournie fanfic with their offspring and descendants of other past fighters. In any case, I really appreciate your opinions, Dasiatic…they will definitely help me develop my story considerably.

BTW have you seen my virus fanfic? Keep an eye on it, I plan/hope to shed some light on Effie’s past.

Very, very glad to help. writing is one of my passions, too you know.
I LOOOVE to write.

so anyway, about that idea with a tournament starring all the past fighter’s offspring. Thats been done a ton of times. I mean, its cool if you can somehow bring something innovative and fresh to it, but overall…its a played-out formula.

stick to the Effie and Necro.
Thats something that has’nt been done before as far i see things.

i mean, from reader’s point of view, do i really want to see another fanfic with Mel in it?

forget that.

I see plenty tourny fics before. They all were “so-so” to suckage:arazz:
I write better fight scenes, if not the best around here.
I mean its easy to do a tourny fic because well…its Street Fighter, right?
if you want to do a tourny fic, you gotta put an extra 200% in it, just to break the mold. btw, you saw that GG vs capcom fic?
yeah, breaking the mold is not possible anymore, forget it.

I’d rather see a fic with an add group like Effie and Necro go through tons of challenges together. It fun, and it may seem as a threat to write for new authors.

yeah, where’s your virus fanfic?
i want to see it.

You got it man(they might still tie the knot tho, ya know heck maybe I’ll see what happens with a little “hills have Eyes” or wrong turn drama LOL…JK), and as for the virus fanfic, look for the story that says “The Virus”

Alright, people. You have waited long enough. Here it comes.

10:00 A.M.

The bank doors have barely opened and already a line of customers has formed. businessmen and women making their deposits; employees cashing in last week’s paychecks; debtors making payments or begging for an extension on their loans. The place is packed.

In the midst of it all, one certain person waits patiently for her turn. Nothing too obvious about her or worth worrying about, at least not to the security guard?s point of view although something about this woman had drawn his attention from the first moment. She arrived via Harley and looks the perfect part of a biker chick? red one-piece mini skirt reaching just past her knees, matching leather knee-high boots, her shoulder length blonde hair restricted to two red-bowed pigtails on either side, and rounding off the attire are a denim Bolero jacket, a classy-looking shoulder purse of indistinct brand, and a pair of red tinted Carrera sunglasses pushed up on her forehead. Her right ear sports a Bluetooth and though she says nothing into it she constantly presses the answer button. On her hands, she wears a pair of fingerless riding gloves. Still, nothing suspicious can be discerned; she seems to be just another young woman going about her business.

To the untrained eye, the woman seems perfectly in place, her only weird trademark being the deep lines of dark bluish-purple under each baby-blue eye and the girlish appearance of her entire face. Hmmm, too much eye shadow this morning huh, the security guard surmises to himself, and it?s a wonder how young women can make themselves look these days. Nonetheless, the guard never takes his eyes from her, not out of suspicion but out of instant attraction to this unique young lady. For a moment, her head turns as she scans the lobby and her eyes seem to lock with his. Is it me, he asks himself, *or is she looking right back at me. * Then the woman?s head returns to facing the front and he decides its just him. Nonetheless, he adds an extra dedication to his normal daily mantra of ?Protect and Serve??get this girl?s phone number before the day is out.

Outside, the street bustles with activity as people sport about their daily lives, heading to work, carrying children to school, running house errands. Who would even stop to notice the tall lanky street janitor pushing his cart to his next destination, the very bank that the young biker lady happens to be inside of. He reaches the back door and knocks calling out, ?Illia?s Janitorial reporting for duty.? Like the girl inside, he sports a Bluetooth on his ear and seems to constantly mumbling into it…

Today must be Melvin?s lucky day. The young woman he?s had his eye on has stepped out of line and is walking over to him. I never thought anything like this would happen when I took this job to pay for tuition. It couldn?t have been any easier. He wonders how this could have occurred. The man behind her with his hands in his pockets looks a little like the sneaky type; perhaps he tried to cop a feel, put his filthy hands on her hoping for a free tap. That enrages Melvin, not simply because of his duty, but because this particular girl looks totally innocent, despite her biker?s appearance and apparent habits. *Probably never had anything like that happen to her in her life and she?s disgusted by it *he thinks. If so, then he?s more than ready to give that sicko the treatment he deserves, then call the cops; he can always say he was trying to defend himself. Then the woman reaches him and asks in a sonorous yet somewhat childlike voice, with ever a tinge of a Russian accent ?Excuse me sir, but can you assist me?? ?Why sure, Miss,? he replies with a threatening glance to the man in question, ?What seems to be the problem?? ?Well I have to admit,? the girl says innocently, ?there really isn?t a problem. I?m not even up here for business. I passed by earlier in the week and saw you through the windows.? She stops a moment, turns, and blushes briefly before composing herself to do what must be done. ?I couldn?t help noticing how handsome you are and, well, I really stopped by to ask you for a date, you know, lunch together sometime.?

Melvin?s heart has to have skipped two or three beats and he really could drop to one knee and propose to this girl right now but he quickly regains his self control and proceeds to give the girl a gentle scolding. ?You know, Miss, it really is inappropriate to accost or solicit a city official on duty like that. At the very least, it could cost me my job.? ?Yes I realize that,? her innocent tone has not left her voice, ?but I could not resist. Please forgive me. I could always come back when you are on a break or about to leave work for the day.? Melvin shakes his head, no way he?s letting this one get away.

?No, no, you?re perfectly fine. My lunch break isn?t for another hour, I?m afraid but I?ll tell you what. Let me escort you to your bike and we?ll exchange numbers for a get-together later. How?s that sound?? The woman?s eyes flash briefly, not enough for Melvin to detect though. Smiling sweetly, she nods her head in agreement and allows the hunky guard to lead her back to the parking lot. He doesn?t notice her reaching once again to her Bluetooth and pressing it several times, in a manner that to the critical observer would denote some sort of code similar to Morse. He also is oblivious to the strange, trenchcoat clad man he thought might have been harassing the woman turning slightly in his direction, a menacing glint of his own in his eye…

?By the way,? he begins as they reach the exit, ?what is your name? I?d hate to keep referring to you as ?Miss?.? ?Oh sorry, I should have introduced myself,? the girl continues to press her BT. ?My name is Stefania, but my friends call me ?Effie?.???

Very nice, cna’t wait for the next segment!

Would you like me to illustrate this?

Yeah sure if you’re up to it, dorkie. WOuld you mind illustrating for “The Virus” as well? Thanks.

When will you do the next chapter? This is really good!