Necro Basics

Hello i started to play SF3S again after a long while and decided to pick Necro cause he seems fun to play and SAIII is a big muttaf*cker but still i want to know some basics with him like, SA3 combos in the corner and which pokes are the best (in all kinds of situations)and is his throw any good at all?.

Throw is awesome, it pushes the opponent WAY across the stage and toward the corner, and can be juggled off of. Way too good.

I posted basic stuff in another thread (, that should do for a little while, until I can get it together enough to finish the other videos queued up before Necro’s.

N - I did promise someone that it would come out before Evo though… so who knows?

Combo in Corner (Tested on Q)

Fierce Tornado - Standing Away Foward xx Strong Tornado xx Electric Snake - Jab Electiricty - Crouching Away Fierce - Standing Jab.

Fierce Tornado - Standing Away Fierce - Standing Away Strong xx EX Top Down Finger Pock Thing - Crouching Away Fierce

Fierce Tornado - Standing Away Roundhouse - EX Tornado - Standing Away Jab - Crouching Fierce - Crouching Away Fierce

These do some good damage, but the last 2 he has to be stunned.

sorry but the only practical combo is probably the first one. If you ever land Fierce Tornado on someone who isn’t stunned, you’ve wasted your time playing him.

And if you have an eletric snake handy you should just do back+roundhouse, st.Strong/cr.Short XX ES

That combo is awesome, the standing strong does more stun and slightly more damage but the cr. short looks cooler and is easier!

Don’t forget mis-timed SAII from ChunLi though. If you block/parry that she’s dead :clap:

Oh yeah, and missed fierce DP’s is a good time to bust out a fierce tornado hook. But yeah, for the most part, you won’t be seeing those combos a whole lot.

Who cares about SAII

its good
only if it hits though thats the thing
if it hits well match is almost guarenteed yours

That’s cool I’ve been playin with Necro seriously for the past few months… Name’s Harde Bal… I saw a couple of videos. One’s named Thong of Rage… That’s a cool vid… Helps out against Twelve also… :clap: