Necro Data

Just put some Necro info up on the Wiki. Added JPT in there too. Im working on meter legth when I get home at 7am.

is this the dreamcast frame data or arcade frame data??


sweet, you should add the amount of stun each move does.

Yes, I should.

i need info of drill kick for example i play whit my friend and one time i mealty a drill and comboing whit c.short ¡¡¡¡¡¡
please help

Ok, its possible to meaty it to C.Sht, The Roundhouse version is the best because its the safest and easyest to meaty. Use it alot in corner.

i need info of hit advantage of special atacks for example strong hook and drill kicks
i tested (mealty) drill c.short combo work whit forward and round house drill
whit round house drill (no mealty) you can comboing whit c.short if oponent is crounching

can you cross up whit drill and hit mealty (second hit of drill)??
excuse mi bad english

I don’t think you can cross up Drill kick. Maybe the roundhouse version. Jab.Tornado hook is good. Snake fang isn’t safe, use it with caution.

what is the frame advantage of strong hook (hit advange)??
i cross up one time vs mi friend (hit whit second hit )but i can’t combo whit c.short
excuse mi bad english