Necro/Dudley glitch

saw the craziest shit today while playing nica KO.

i dunno how old this is, or if its been discovered already.

but what i did was, back throw with necro. then i dashed up and crossup drill and he parried backwards. and then it had dudley in his AIR PARRY animation…then he floated for a good 10 seconds. i didnt try touching him cuz i was too busy typing. it is a pretty funny/cool glitch though :tup: im gonna test it out more and see if we can get it consistently

Yeah I’ve seen both Necro and Dudley float. Actually, you can see a possible way to initiate it within this vid:

If you do a belly to back suplex with necro on dudley, fucked up shit happens.

i see my noopidity shows again. apparently this shits old as hell.

so what happens at a tourney? lol is this allowed?

I remember posting years ago a glitch when Necros SAI and Qs SA1 and 2 are done at the same time. Looks like Necro is fucked up beyond tiers

only works on arcarde if i’m not mistaken =/ might work on dreamcast because that version sux lol

did you just call me ‘old as hell’ lol

one time…i pick twelve against oro…i parryied oros air shot(in the air) at that time they used a super…and it registered as an air block, not a parry

I got an air block with 12 once too, although I don’t remember the circumstances. It was like Sentinel’s super armor where you get hit once and don’t stop, but it didn’t do any damage and it made the blocking noise.