Necro footside game

i want talk more about necro footside/poking game…i think he is really efective in mid distance.

I think you mean footsies, lol, but…

-s. MP has more range than shoto c. MK, which is part of the reason why Necro does well against Ken.
-s. MK is also good like that, since it’s got even more range but isn’t cancelable.
-c. MK is your absolute best friend from far away. It makes it very annoying for shotos to get into their usual footsie range. Just don’t get too predictable with it.

Necro’s poking/footsies range is a lot longer than everyone else’s which makes his ground game really good.
c. MK is also incredibly useful against Chun’, since you can attack her safely out of SA2 range.

Don’t spam c.MK on good Chun Li, because she can reversal it even if she’s hit by it. MOV beat me with that kind of shit last summer when I was in Japan.

c. MK is safe on block/hit from max range. You’re thinking of c. RH and s. RH

If she’s hit by c.MK while she’s standing she can reversal it even at max range. Try it you’ll see.

Just did. It’s safe from max range even if they time a perfect reversal, which is hard to do when you get hit unexpectedly, and even if you were fishing for it, you might eat a s. FP that way.
She can reversal that, but all the hits will miss after the first one, and you can punish.
Either way, if she doesn’t get it on the first frame, Necro gets a free combo that will do a ton of damage and throw her into the corner.
Hell, unless they actually get the reversal, it’s safe even a bit closer in.
On block, it’s safe even fairly close up.

The only moves you shouldn’t be using on her are s. RH, c. RH and his command throw because those are all easily reversal supered from any range.

I guess this goes w/o saying but st. hp is also a bad idea if the Chun player is good at parrying it, but when she doesn’t have more than half of 1 bar, it’s no biggie. I wanna fight more good Chuns, but first, there have to BE Chuns.

It seems that his b+mk has some priority against some of her pokes, or at least is good for punishing some of her whiffs. I’m not even sure, but can she b+hp you out of the hk drill kick? B+hp cancelled into Lightning Legs seems to be a good AA option for her against most opponents. I also like b+mp but that move is good in general.

chunli can’t reversal necro c.forward from all range
s.fierce some times is safe …if you do unexpectedly and is safe from the max range (vs a chunli whit meter)
s.round house some times is good if she try jump from far away.
c.round house can punish a whiff s.fierce… c.jab xxsa1/sa3 is a good punish vs a whiff c.forward (you need expect this)
when you parry a c.forward only do a super.
i post more sutf later

Chun’ has trouble with drill kicks, I find. Spamming obviously isn’t a good idea, since you don’t want to eat parry into SA2 but as long as you mix them up, I find you can annoy her pretty well up close.

chunli can do a c.roundhouse and beat any far drill kick …and can parry a near drill kick and punish you whit a s.roundhouse

Hence why I advised against spamming them. I usually just prefer to stay out of her c. MK range and poke with my own, but if you happen to find yourself in that range, SJ RH drill isn’t a bad way to put some pressure on.

I try to resist the drill-kick-spamming temptation lol. It’s best in general to go for the drill kick after faking a throw and baiting her to tech…the air!