Necro Half-screen Kara Throw? How do you do it?

I have seen Sugiyama and maybe pino do this kara throw.
It must be a impractical and difficult move because I only seen them do it after stunning someone and going for the final blow.
Maybe it only works with back throw because they seem to jump behind them first.
It looks like they are starting up Snake Fang but then it cancel to a back throw, and the range is like the same range as a HK snake fang!!!

I looked this up and found nothing on it. Seen it a few times on video and very recently saw sugiyama do it again.
Anyone know how this works? Cancelling a special move into a throw!?

I’ve always wondered this too :x

Do you have a video of this? I remember seeing something like that once and attributed it to lariat cancel into grab but from what people around here say, something like that shouldn’t be possible.

isn’t it just the snake fang resulting in the back throw animation by design

i think you can combo into snake fang after hp hook and get the same result but i don’t remember

alex’s blockable grab has a different animation against backturn too. a more unique thing about necro is that his regular throw gives a different animation against backturn. no other character has that iirc

Alex does too with his normal throw (does a choke type thing).

Do snake fang vs a back turned opponent.

ryan you so smart.