Necro Juggle Count Numbers

Okay I am putting this here becasue I don’t know the correct answer and I doubt anyone else in the Necro forums does either.

So does anyone have a complete list of all of Necros moves with the numbers they add to the juggle count? If so could you please list them off for me it would be much appreciated.

Oh and I mean normals and specials and supers, if you could please.

not to be an ass but post this in the fuckin necro thread. people DO answer it ya kno. i wouldnt say this if u just signed up to srk but uve been on longer than i have.

sorry for the anger but i dont like spammin one bit. lol

hey I understand, but just so you know, I’m the one that answers most of the questions in the Necro forum. And most people don’t check the character specifics unless it’s their character. Thats why I put it here.

o alright np just try and keep it there and bump it once and awhile. i really dont kno much about necro as i quit him awhile ago but i think some1 posted a thread of all necro combos. just check posts from beggining and ull see it.

I know the combos I don’t need them, I need the juggle count numbers for all his moves. As in how much the add to the juggle counter. Combos are no problem I just want to know.

   | back | normal | crouching |
LP |  1   |   1    |     1     |
MP |  1   |   3    |     6     |
HP |  3   |   6    |     1     |
LK |  1   |   6    |     1     |
MK |  3   |   3    |     1     |
HK |  6   |   6    | knockdown |

All jumping attacks-------3 per hit
LP/MP/HP Tornado Hook-----3 per hit
EX HCB+Punch--------------1 per hit (could only test first hit)
EX HCB+Kick---------------first hit does 1, second hit knocks down
Denpa---------------------3 per hit
Electric Snake------------1 per hit
Magnetic Storm------------resets, then 1 per hit???

st.LP causes enough hitstun to allow you cancel into LP Denpa or link into d/b+HP or cr.MP after the juggle counter maxes out. Also, you can link Magnetic storm off of b+HK or cr.MP.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the Magnetic storm

cool thanks.

You can juggle Alex with down-back fierce about four times or so…

6 times.

Hugo and Urien as well.

db+fierce necro juggle

I’ve been wondering about that juggle for a long time. I can’t seem to get it down. Is the timing really specific? What is there I need to know about it? I take it that Q is also susceptible to this?

No you can’t do it to Q. Just Alex, Urien, Hugo. And yeah the timing is really strict it’s probably a 1 or 2 frame link. And I think the timing might be different between the first to second down back fierce and the ones that follow that.