Necro Strategies

From what I’ve seen at my local arcade, many people whore top tier characters. The character I have the hardest time overcoming is Ken. The Ken players at the arcade are very aggressive, always parrying and jumping in with cross up tatsumaki and xx SA3. They anti air my drill kicks with srk’s and mix up so much I can’t counter on my wakeup and usually eat a super. Anyone know some good strategies on how to play against Ken? Trying to turtle doesn’t help because they just rush in and either kara throw me or combo/srk juggle me.

damn how many times i wrote about this…

basically, every rush down should result in you parrying and b.lp dashback.
this will stop him from being rush happy. if you get 50% of those b.lp in. he will start to second guess rushing. if you get 75% he will stop or die eventually

for the kara-throws and xx SAIII, UOH dash back or super jump back and wait for a m/hp shoryuken and parry it once then mk. why mk? because it hits in an upward motion and knocks them back better than mp. you can also use lp, lk, but i like mk and it never failed me for my reset. dont hit hp or hk cause it may not connect due to start up (this really depends on how close to the ground you are)

if you have problems with kens cross overs, dont do b.hp/ or lp.denpa cause those are all easy parries for avid ken users and just about everyone else. instead, be a smart guy and dash under and then go for a if he is still arial.

and dont drill kick on a shoto, that is retarded. and only a dumb ass shoto player will get hit by it, seriously.

things that ken does to trick and rape necro: (parried) lp.srk
-varrious kara-throw setups dash in fake kara, srk/ xx SA

so if ken dashes in on you, your reaction should be b.lp/mp, UOH, db.hp, or dash back.

i hope that helps and post more specific for more specific answers. basically a list of Qs you want As for

I went to the arcade yesterday, and your strategies did in fact work, so thanks. Granted I still lost to a coupe Ken players, I did beat more than I thought I would.

learn how to effective poke, ive learned this by just messing with different pokes and spacing, it works well for chipping the health of your opponent. usually anti-air’s work until they catch on with parrying, other than that, use standing mp and short or forward - best pokes (: hope this helps!

It sounds like to me that you’re playing Necro a little bit too ‘autopilot’. If you get your Drills SRK’D a lot, then you’re doing them in an obvious way. If you’re finding your drills getting beaten, then you need to use them differently.

The main point in drill kick is not actually to do damage, but to annoy your opponent. Drills have 3 points you can use them: as you’re rising, as you’re at the peak of your jump, and when you’re falling. You also have 3 angles that you can use your drills at: lk, mk, and hk. Lk is more for escapes, and mk can be used for attacking and movement.

If they’re srking you on reaction, you can just not drill where they expect you to drill at. Another option is to rh drill just short of their srk range late in the jump, then punish it when u land. If they are red parrying your drill you can time your drill so that it only hits once (works good with rh drill on wakeup, and late hitting mk drills), and when they input the second parry, press c. lk and confirm to a super or throw. Remember that when someone parries a move they are not guarding in another direction.

Once again similar to the last thread, what’s most important is that you pay attention to what’s going on in the match, which you might not be doing as you play. The key is not to necessarily win your matches, that isn’t a true indicator of how better you are getting. Just try to give what you do a purpose. DO NOT play autopilot and DO NOT feel that the information anyone gives you or even that you find for yourself is the end all deal breaker. Try to explore what you do and why you’re doing it in your matches.

NOTE: I just realized how old these threads are. But this might help anyone else who is having the same problems, so I’ll leave my answers.