Necro Super of choice?

Been watching alot of Necro footage lately and was surprised to see a few Magnetic Storm and one Slam Dance being used.

Magnetic Storm was linked of a UOH. What’s it’s viability cancelled from strong turn punch?

I saw Slam dance being used as anti air as well as anti poke at close range.

At High levels, what is the chance that you will get enough successive hits for a dizzy when using Electric Snake?

Also I saw a player use a b+FP, st. JP/SP?, EX jumping overhead strike, db+FP. Does Necro have any other mid screen juggles like this?

I think the combo you saw was on a dizzied opponent. Necro can do some crazy juggles when he dizzies. Probability of dizzing someone while using Electric Snake? I’d say pretty good. 2 combos and they’re dizzy.

I prefer ES out of all 3 supers, cause it has a short bar, little recovery time, deals out a decent amount of damage, harder to parry, and deals out massive stun. :slight_smile:

I still gosta go with the Magnetic storm. That super is so bad even Yang tries to bite the name baby! Short bar, invincibility, absurd comboability, superior damage, chip damage, and that’s a lot of hits to try and parry. That damn super is so damn good it’s cheap. My Necro sucks, but I whore that super and pull miracle wins out of my ass left and right.

in the corner you can do juggles after electeric snake:

1.electric then standing strong
2.this one takes timing (after electric snake and their stun you get 5 hits)these are all 1 frame hits i believe
back+strong (the timing is walk forward after each hit)then when they floor they are stun.

I’m still not good enough to use SA3 yet, so it’s still SA1 for now. But I have been trying a lot more with SA3 lately, although I can’t seem to maintain a mad rushdown to gain on the opponent and force an error.

trust me , slam dance is good

You can get SIX hits after ES.


ok i prefer sa3 but what matchups should I use sa1 or sa2

I use ES in general but magnetic storm against characters that are hard to pin down for a combo (yun).

Is the b+strong juggle a stun only combo?

At the same time, ES can also be used to stun characters like ibuki who are hard to get combos on, but still get stunned easily. Magnetic storm is good because of the damage, meter, and it’s relatively hard to parry.

Realize that characters like dudley, alex, hugo, and oro have long stun bars so lego storm could be a better choice for that reason.

I dunno, I’ve been having more success at my arcade with Slam Dance, since the guys are such big shoto turtles. I’ve been trying to get the timing down as an anti-air.

It also works well in the mixup game, once you give an opponent a slam dance or two, they freeze up easier when you do a close mixup while you have meter.

the only problem with slam dance is the limited range and it’s only one bar for damage that doesn’t make it seem worth it. If they’re turtling, then you can throw them, no? If they tech, you can find other ways to set up into super.

In addition, they can easily jump out of Slam Dance on reaction unless they’re in the middle of an attack. If they’re simply blocking, Slam Dance is useless.

no wonder i missed slam dance twice in a match

Doesn’t mean you can’t set up into Slam Dance, you just have to make sure you catch them poking, recovering from a slow move.

Why would you do slam dance if the person was ready to jump?

Oh yeah BTW is corner throw, st. SP, dash, slam dance feasible? Not sure if the dash is fast enough to get to the opponent in time.

Easiest surefire way to land slamdance is parry a jump in, then start the super a little before they hit the ground. Due to it’s slow startup, it’ll grab them as they hit the ground.

I had over 35 matches with my brother last night, on DC. I used Necro exclusively, and I used ES (SA3) exclusively, but I used to use SA1 exclusively. My brother used almost everyone (except Elena, Yun and Q), but there were more matches with Urien, Alex and Yang (his better chars)

I’ve been using Necro for well over a 2 months now, and I have been practicing him almost exclusively. I’m not terrible with him, but I can say that I have a decent rushdown with him. However I am still poor with his link -> SA combos.

Here are my choice of vs char SA’s for Necro:

Shotos: SA3 exclusively
Chun: leaning towards SA3
Yang: probably SA1 (probably same with Yun as well)
Alex: depends on what Alex picks (SA1 vs stungun) but it’s strangely easy to stun Alex with Necro, so either. Leaning towards SA3
Hugo: leaning towards SA1
Dudley: leaning towards SA1
Urien: leaning towards SA1, but both work good. SA1 is primarily to discourage Urien from jumping in over and over with his jump RH.
Oro: SA3
Necro: leaning towards SA3
Elena: probably SA1
Q: probably SA3
Ibuki: leaning towards SA3
Makoto: leaning towards SA3, but SA1 would make her think twice about random pokes.
Remy: SA3 exclusively
12: leaning towards SA3, but SA1 would keep him grounded.
Gill: haha, Necro is screwed!

edit: my win ratio was about 40% with Necro. My win ratio is usually 48-55% against my brother. He’s a “win-at-all-costs-no-matter-what” style, and I play “rush that shit down” almost always.

Been mucking around with Magnetic Storm, seems like a good super with a short bar, fast startup, vacuum properties, can be used as a juggle, can link from overhead, useful super on the vs car stage. :lol:

Looks like its the kind of super where your not expecting to land alot of st. SP’s, or combos, or going to get too many knockdowns.

well, like, SA1 combo’s off of, combos off of EVERYTHING, and like has a serious wake-up mix up game with the whole being able to combo off of, UOH, and just plain being invincible to shut down wake-ups.