Necro videos

I’m mostly lookin’ for Tutorial vids of Necro, I already got a whole bunch of Billy Kane vids. thanks

I swear it’ll be out before Evo, or else everyone gets smoothies with their pizza.


I better get my pizza if the video doesnt get finished lol j/k please keep up the good work Thongboy

Billy Kane playing Nec? I thought he played Yun. I saw a 5 game match set with him and some other dude…but I was pretty sure B.Kane was playing Yun.

will I rember him a Yun/Necro match and one was named Billy Kane.

where can i find these billy kane videos?

Don’t worry about those vids. It wasn’t very good Necro play…I think the Necro won one out of six. Wasn’t very entertaining as Billy Kane put the Necro to school.

If you’re looking for good Necro vids, keep an eye out for Sugiyama, Pino AB7, and Chikyuu (who plays Necro when his twelve is getting beaten badly :tup:).

Yeah, Necro wins the first match and then has a bad losing streak but he makes a comeback.

Hey who got any vids of Chikyuu plain’ Necro, my brother (G-Product) would probably love to see that.

Yeah, I have one vid (my pc’s harddrive got screwed up so I lost a lot of videos which was traumatizing). If you PM me I’ll send it to you somehow.