Necro Vids

ok so my friends weren’t all that stupid and fortunately one still had the ab7 vids strider hiryu once gave me. so i was thinking of starting a vids thread just like in the other characters thread, only that necro matches are always more fun that other characters matches. so here we go

they are different videos btw, both feature ab7 beasting. more vids on the way.

sweet, my favourite and inspirational match video is found. this is fantastic thanks alot

edit: weren’t there others ?_?

sure there are like 7, just that i’m lazy to upload, i’ll try to upload all this weekend. here is another one:

DLing as I type, thanks man!

here is a necro mirror match, sugiyama vs pinoab7:

The Necro vs. Ibuki fight wasn’t interesting the Ibuki user was very bad, but I liked the other ones. Kepp them coming!

who is who in the ab7 vs sugi match?

^sugiyama (sa3) is the one on the left and pino (sa1) on the right.

here is another one from gamenewton, i couldn’t edit it so you get a ksk vs ysb vid too after the first match. the necro is ab7 i think although i could be wrong (the fact that in the character select screen he first selects twelve makes me think he is chikuu) against a chun (dunno who is that):

edit: it also features a ysb vs a ken match

ok more vids originally from strider hiryu (btw where did you get those?):

again, both links are different videos.

@Strider Hiryu: my friend (his name is Pablo) will be @ woodbine in like 30 mins (that’s 5pm east time)

nice vids man. And thanx for the YSB shit as well. lol :thumbsup: I was hopin’ to see some SA1 players. I guess it still is a good super even though they recomend SA3. While that 2 hitter was crazy!

Chikyuu’s Necro

^ thx dling it right now. this are the last ab7 vids from strider hiryu:

This is some good shit. Excellent :tup: