Necro vids.

Hey im looking for a site that has necro vids. Those “MegaUPLOAD” sites dont work for me. If anyone plays Necro and is sick with him. Let me know, i wanna learn.

Dont know where to find vids of Necro but im hella tite with him ill give you what i cant to beat 85% of the people you play:sweat:

SWEET. do you play XBL?

No i only play Arcade.
now first things first learn all of necros moves standing & jumping(normals) cause this is a good part of game about 30%.

learn the distance of the following moves:
!.Standing Strong(Cancels )
2.Diagonal Back Down Fierce
3.Back Strong(Cancels)
4.Jumping Roundhouse/Fierce
5.Back Forward(Cancels)
Cancels=Cancels into Special Move/Super

Bread&Butter Combos:

Harder Stronger Combos(May Require Timing):
2.b-Short,Standing Strong,SA3

Later ill Tell YOu About Stunning people thats when the big damage starts rolling in:wgrin:

plus their is plenty more to say just lazy now:wgrin:

Welll thanks a bunch for what you gave me man

Hydro, when I use Necro I love landing a b.HP and juggling it with a diagonal HP. Is there any safe way to do this otg? So far I just use it as anti air if I know it won’t get beat.

Dang Hiro, haven’t seen you post in a million years. This is David from Bearcade, the Q user who graduated last year. What’s new?

Just fixing shit from the blows i took from last year(deaths,accident,taxes owed 2 irs,support’n’ KIDS):sad:

Im back now im playing alittle more you got my number call.:lovin:

After a b-Fierce i do it again,nice power,safe and you can smother them while they are gettin up with drills or ticks that leads into tricks.

Always remember keep track of stun at all times.Do things that do alot of STUN even if it does not do much power you’ll get it back after they are stunned.:wgrin:

Which of Necro’s moves deal the most stun?

Check it out in the training mode

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