Necro vs dudley glitch



sugiyama do this but i understand now…
when you do a german suplex on dudley after this dudley stand up in air …but if you try hit him the controls are stuck …anyway you can un-stuck controls when you do a whiff grab… you can do this whiff grab before dudley stand up and after this you can hit dudley when he are in the air whit a b.fierce or a sa1
dudley can parry only …i remember see sugiyama do this vs hong and nakano dudleys






So that update is finally happening
Current evaluations of game. Is it even better than the PS2 port?

thats interesting. i dont understand why dudley couldn’t block though…


because dudley are in air (look the toe of dudley for notice that)…he can’t block …he can grab and jump but he can’t do moves like sa3 because the controls are stuck


wow… that is really interesting… how did you find this one out?
i will try that today to see whats up.


other shit i test …i do b.fierce in mid screen and some times do jab denpa .
you can do a dash cross up vs yun, yang, dudley, necro, 12 and elena …maybe this shit can be practical
other shit you can do …but is inpractical is a 100% stun /100% damage vs urien and makoto i try save this in a combovid and post later

pd: the necro vs dudley glitch only work in cps3 version (mame ,fb ,arcade …etc) not work in ps2 and dreamcast


ok no ps2, i was wonderin why that wasnt working. i havent been to the arcade or ggpo for a minute. will try later.

good job!


'DAMN: I musta kept blinking, cos now I finally see the trick I (it’s hard to tell it works unless you test it yourself cos it’s subtle). PROPS Coreo, for discovering it!

Come to think of it, this weird glitch sounds like it acts as a reset if you can only parry afterwards. Even if the Dudley player is aware of the trick, will s/he be prepared to parry it? O_O


yes he can parry his but if he parry a second glitch happen …dudley fly forward (like 10 second)and you can b.fierce him again and again(he need guess you a lot of times)
the only shit dudley really do for escape .is walk forward and grab you before b.fierce hit him …but if you do sa1 he can parry only


hohoho i cant wait to do that at ctf =D lol


I JUST found this short vid that relates to the Dudley glitch pointed out to us by Coreo… [media=youtube]gVGIDXEqwMA&feature=channel but the INTERESTING thing is more glitches w/ DIF characters! “Komenecro” uploaded 6 vids, and the 1 I was watching most recently was against Makoto[/media]

It features the opponent in a sort of stuck animation that looks like the player’s in hit-stun! It confuses me a lot, assuming that I understand what’s going on in the first place! :open_mouth:

The other Makoto vid uploaded by Kome DOES turn out to be the vid Coreo linked to in the other Necro thread :sweat:


fuckin sick… subscribed to that :slight_smile:

good find RockTakane


i remember this vid
this is a mix of 2 glitch i try explain the best i can (i speak spanish)

1-necro do 2 b.fierce on dudley and dash under dudley …if dudley not do quick roll when dudley stand up need turn around necro (because necro now are behind of dudley) this is the key

2-now necro jump before dudley weak up and do forward drill kick in this exact moment dudley weak up and turn he body .

3-after this necro forward drill change side again …dudley need complete turn body animation and necro land in the behind of dudley

4-finally necro grab dudley from behind and do old necro vs dudley glitch i post here

well this is the explanation of this …dudley can do quick stand or what ever before grab hit him (this grab is techable ofcourse) in second vid komenecro guy use same trick but do on makoto because she can’t quick stand of sa3 …i test this and you can do same vs chunli

i remember i do a necro vs dudley glicth very fun (i crash the machine…hehehe) maybe post here later


'Thanks bro :smiley: lol. I feel like Coreo gets the credit cos he can actually explain in great detail what happened during both glitches, and it’s ironic cos it turns out this is the same user who uploaded a Dudley/Necro glitch that’s similar to the 1 Coreo saw in an actual match. Coreo already linked us to that user for that cool drill-link combo on Makoto, and I just happened to post a link w/o realizing it’s the same user.

It’s SO HELPFUL sometimes to check the other vids a user posts on YT when someone happens to link only/at least 1 of the user’s vids to srk.


'THANKS for the explanation, bro! I remember SORT OF finding a new glitch that was only a Necro/Q glitch, and had wished there was a really good glitch to exploit against Chun, and now you’re telling us 1 of komenecro’s glitches works on Chun AFTER ALL :smiley: grcias por la ayuda amigo :slight_smile:


Does it work with the alternate snake fang or is it only the normal suplex throw? I love that this glitch is actually doable in a match, all they have to do is whiff an uppercut and it’s glitchy time.


work only with normal suplex throw



The glitch in action when dudley parry


This good shit! Must learn!

Does this work with snake fang? like fierce hook, snake fang, grab -> unblokable for Dudley?


o0o0o thats pretty sickk


Pretty interesting bug, it seems it doesn’t work anymore on OE. =(