Necro vs. dudley

how should necro play a match against dudley? I mean his jumps are so low. what’s used as anti-air against that cat?

Block. Serious.

Or use an early Dwn MP. That arcs at a strange angle and is good hitting Dudley on the way up, and is ok (better than nothing) on his way down. But if it’s parried, GGPO Necro.

I’m definetely no expert on Necro, but mix up his anti-airs, that will change the timing of his jump-ins/ air parries.

Stand LP into LP Denpa (that’s for his anti-jump in parry)
LP Denpa
DwnBk HP (ppl’s elbow)
Dwn MP
and if you’re really desperate, HCB + LP

Others who are better with Necro here, will elaborate.
Oh and stand MP is ok at swiping at Dudley on the way UP on his jump.

You might want to use the Magnetic Storm in this matchup too cause of all the jumping Dudley does. It actually works quite well in my experience.

back and MK, works pretty well. The thing with necro is all his anti-airs are situational so you have to get good at reading the situation. A fun thing to do is to light tornado hoook early so you go right underneath them and then throw and if you time it right you’ll get the suplex (the special back turn throw)

I used to only use the magnet storm because it was really good anti-air but I have changed my mind and it’s not worth it. I say just stick with ELECTRIC SNAKE!!!

Jump-back and strong punch.

N - Blocking helps too.