Necro vs Shotos

So I was at FR9 watching the top 8, and two very good players (no need to name drop) were playing their matches. After a Ken pulls out the win against a Chun to make it 1-1, the Chun switches to Necro without hesitation and picks SAI. The Necro gets a pretty convincing win, in 2 straight rounds IIRC. I was watching from the Ken player’s side of the 2 way cabinet, and he was frustrated, saying there was nothing he could do in the matchup. I asked the TX guys I was staying with, and they all agreed it was a good match for Necro against Ken or shotos in general (but that SAIII should be used instead).

The match consisted of lots of back + strong if the Ken player would turtle from full screen to get meter. Crouching forward to poke from mid-range, jab denpa for AA, magnetic storm for AA once he got bar. He teched a few dash in throws, and that was about it.

Is there anything else I should know about the matchup? The zoning was good enough that the crossup never really came into play, but what’s the best thing to do against a shoto’s crossup? Dash under? Crouching strong AA doesn’t seem to come out nearly fast enough.

And what’s the best super art for this matchup? SAI was built fast enough that the fight was limited to the ground, where Necro had the advantage. SAIII seems like it’s better for an aggressive Necro, but it seems like an aggressive Necro would eat some uppercuts and then have to deal with wakeup games. I know both SAI and SAIII can punish a blocked low RH…


Ok its like this:Necro has 4 different AA {Jab Electricity, C.Strong, Down Back Fierce, Back Fierce}I tend to mix these AA up alot. Playing shotos I like to space alot cause alot of Whiffed moves i can S.Strong/SA3(Link Not Hit Confirm).
Try to mix up high low games with a random (Short)Command Throws.
Aggressive Necros uses SA3 its the best SA. You have way more Damage potential with SA3 cause of the Power after Stun(power before stun is pretty good too ), you have to do the right combos to get a quick stun. Did you know a Throw random Fierce or small combo Then B.Roundhouse into S.Strong SA3 Stunned(Not all a combo).Also back strong hit confirm alot,i’m too lazy to tell you more but just ask i’ll do what i can:wgrin:

ryu is medium match ups i think 5-5
ken is a hard mach up i think 3-7 in ken favor

Ken Is Pretty Fucked Against Necro, But You Have To Be Very Carefull Tho, Cause If Not They Can Fuck You Up Really Good, No Doubt The Sa3 Its The Best And The Cmk Is The Best Thing To Do To Keep Them Away From You, Thats Something I Always Do, Specially Against Turtles.

i think ken is a hard match up becuase he can reversal sa3 a lot of your stuffs shoryuken own drills you not have a good answer after mk cross up an air ex-tatsumaki is a big trouble , you can’t use selective tech well vs ken
necro need try rush ken if you want win because necro not have good answers vs ken rush down tricks

I rush down Ken I do good versus him:wonder: Maybe you should listen to me sometimes:wgrin:

I still believe that Ken is in favour in this match up. His combos really eats up Necros bar, and the annoying thing is that he really just need a parry from one of Necros many slow pokes. Drill kicks are not to effective against him as well. Once the Ken has figured out what Necro really has, the mutant has a uphill battle to fight.

Ken’s still a hard match-up.
Despite his strengths, Necro’s still low tier for a reason.

yeah ken is a hard match ups but this match up is very interesting for necro
this guy can reversal a lot of shits you not have good answer after a cross ups mindgames , you can’t use selective tech vs this ticks because necro jab is very slow but ken need a lot of patience , if he lost of control of match up necro have a good choice for win
necro need try corner ken if he want win …use lock down strings for corner
if you imput ken in corner you can win but need a lot of mix ups uoh >sa3, tick’s throw ken can use air ex tatsumaki for escape you can anticipate this with a b.fierce of hit with a s.fierce after he finish the move
in mid screem see all open hit this dash with s.strong xxsa3 or b.strong and hit confirm sa3 use your pokes (c.forward, s.strong, drill and (whiff) round house drill, jab hook…etc)
you can fuck all newbies ken with necro but vs a good ken is really hard match up :sad: :sad: :sad:

exuse my bad english

Necro isn’t low tier…

:rofl: A Ken player who just got raped by a Necro ??:rofl:

yes he is mid/low tier

Necro isn’t low tier simply because the majority of his matchups aren’t seriously in the opponents favor. In addition to this he has good normals, defensive and offensive supers [storm and snake], and a decent way to put pressure on the opponent via drill kicks. His super bars are also short, meaning he can get a super in a fairly short amount of time. He obviously isn’t top or probably even high mid-tier, but he’s not low.

I play Yang, and no, I haven’t been raped by necro.

Retard. :rolleyes:

necro is a low mid-tier because have a lot of troubles again chun , makoto , ken and gouki

Are you trying to contradict my post? Or what? He’s low mid-tier. He’s still mid-tier. Unless you’re trying to get at something else… :confused:

Ken player doesn’t sound that good, I’ve had Ken’s tech my AA’s and just jab SRK from any range to stuff anything Necro throws out. If Ken lands in front of you its free super or throw or crossup into it all over again. Some Ken’s you can freak out if you can zone them, but the good ones just keep their head and try and bait you and watch their ranges really well.

excuse mi english is very bad and sometimes i have a hard time because guys can`t understand me :sad: :sad:
necro is a mid but he not is a good mid tier he is bad mid tier
necro have a lot of troubles again good ken players you not have good weak ups moves and mind games owns necro ken can reversal sa3 a lot of your stuff (jab dempa, sa3, strong hook,overhead special moves, snake fang, etc) good players not try antiair you if the see a drill he block firts hit and red second, they can red parry jab tornado hook, i think the only way for win this match up is a rush necro becuase necro not have good answers again ken rush down game and ken have troubles if he is cornered

Does anyone try to AA Electric Blast Kens cross up. I can see if you get knock down. But Necro’s Elec Blast starts up in Like 6 frames which means on the 7th it hits. Unless the Ken is extremly good at deep cross-up I think you have a good chance of either trade or just plan beat it out and gives you a free RH to boot. From what I’ve seen Necro is fair in all Shoto match ups. I just think that the Necro has to know and applicate all his option. I think it’s more of a stressful match then a hard. Because you have to have good eyes to hit Kens pokes, and if you mess up and get baited it’s a one way ticket to the hospital and back to the end of the line. Only thing you really need to do is do not let ken jump all over if he can’t jump in left to the ground game which Oro excels to well at. That being said all I see going for early in the match is grabs because he’s not gonna wanna use his target combo to early just to deal good damage. If you get careless and swing Fp and other long pokes then yea expect to eat a phat ass DP homie. So I think the bottom line is to just play Kens game, but you gotta flip. I really don’t see how shotos can advance pass Necros s.Strong. If stay at max range and just react to any low whiff (cause we know what he’s gonna do) hit that asshole w/s.StrongxxSAIII. Get over there quick and try to push toward the corner. By now Ken doesn’t want to be anywhere near the corner so pay attention for any aggresive behavior or air Ex spin kicks to get out of Necro crush zone ( that what I like to call it). I think Kens a mimicky character if you play one Ken you practically play them all. W/the exception that some Kens are better at the advance tatics Kens that are advance worry about, but if your play is the av cross up high or low kinda guy. I wouldn’t sweat it. Just my 2 cents.