Necro vs TopTier

my friend is a very good player, so beating him is hard but getting slightly easier haha. i was hoping to ask a few quick questions and get others opinion :slight_smile:

vs Urien. this is actuly somewhat easy, random lighting keep him at bay. i was wondering what some combo’s are against him ? how many times can u link his db. fierce ? i can only do it twice. any good varibles in the corner after a qcf. jab

vs Ken. this match … im debating wether its impossible or not. what the hell should i do ? if i do anything i eat a super and the ex hurricanes kill me. keeps me grounded + afraid …

any advice ? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can land all 6 elbows on Urien.

necro > all. just watch pino ab7. proceed to xcopy.