Necro wake up advice

Hey guys, I’m a relatively new Necro player. I’ve been playing Third Strike on and of for 3 years and came to the decision that Necro was for me. The problem I have is whenever I knock someone down, on wake up they usually parry my attacks. What do you think is a good way to be less predictable and get an advantage on wake up?

P.S. I’m horrible at parrying, as I always over-think what my opponent will do and usually just end up getting killed trying to parry one attack.

i used to have this problem against guessers and would get frustrated.

i feel that my main necro mixups consist mostly of grabbing them, block then reacting to what they do ( if nothing, choose between walk up back strong hit confirm into super, walk up throw, walk up back short strong target combo into super, walk up back fierce without meter ) and if they did something stupid like a super or shoryuken then punish the hell out of them (refer to other necro threads for high damage combos etc).

as far as guessers go, you’re usually playing someone at an intermediate level. their guess patterns are usually something like low, high, high, low or low, low, high, high. counter those with low/high accordingly. urien players will always wake up parry, so it’s better to just wait and react to his headbutt or just grab him (head butt will go over you, be ready to throw again).

edit: use this one too. stay at about max shoto c.lp range on their wakeup. then when they wake up, walk forward a step, then down parry. don’t do it too fast though. this should give you the option to parry once if they did low crouch tech, and another one when you parry down. the step forward will count as a parry if they did something.

also when they start to block you can use that as a tick. like meaty low short or back forward (medium kick), then walk up down parry and punish. it works wonders trust me :smile:

I’ve been thinking the best way to wake up is to just block and then decide what to do next. Guess parry works sometimes, but for someone of my skill, it’s better to avoid taking hits. Thanks though, magneto. What you said is very true.

actually, just blocking on wake up fucks you vs shotos. the best thing to do vs shotos is dash back. in the middle of a dash for example, if you get hit by you will knocked back and reseted. so if ken cancels into SAIII you can hit the ground blocking or if gouki/ryu do SAI you can parry/block that too. plus by dashing back, you get out of overhead attack range, throw range, and other BNBs.

That’s a good idea lol. I just pray you’re not cornered too often when you want to do this.

id block but thats just me

I’m starting to wonder if Ken is actually 1 of Necro’s WORST match-ups, after all this time, as I’m having trouble zoning against him. You can’t abuse drills on him like most opponents. I’m starting to get used to Chun and Yun more now, ironically, as well as Akuma. Ken’s seems to beat Necro’s, and his beats Necro’s :’( I’m so afraid of Ken’s throws. I have to be wary of his lp srk punishing my limbs too. Double non-kara srk anywhere on-screen is TOO SCARY, as well. I try to bait srks and throws. If Ken whiffs a throw, I try to hit b+mp XX super. If I don’t have meter, Ken can do w/o fear of getting punished well, which I just wanted to point out is lame!

Whenever someone parries on wakeup (This is a general strategy for all of Third Strike) you have a number of options.

  1. The best option is to make the opponents guess-risk extremely high by punishing him HARD for guessing.

For example with Necro, if you expect your opponent will guess parry low do b. mk -> mp tornado hook -> xx sa3 -> (char dependent small juggle).
If you expect they will guess parry high do: c. lk -> lp denpa xx sa3 -> (char dependent small juggle).

Basically when you make your opponent afraid to do that guess you will remove that option from him.

  1. The second option is to change the timing of your attack. For example, if you expect him to guess parry, just wait for a small pause before you do your attack. His initial guess will miss and you will hit him. (This also helps against people who guess shoryu on wakeup, since if they dont do it they will stand there and you will see it. If they do srk, you will just block it, and can punish that move instead)

  2. The third option is to throw, but this option has all the risks involved with throwing someone on their wakeup so just be careful.

You can also combine these options together in any way you want in order to make the opponent stop guessing and become afraid. At that point you can control the matchup a lot easier.

The true key is just to pay attention to your opponent, see what he will do and punish it accordingly.

I wanted to mention I’m doing a lot better against Kens now in general :smiley: I STILL wish I could fight more Chuns and Yuns though.