Does anyone have any Necro fanart, capcom art, or manga scans or anything?
I’ve seen all of his official character art, and the csfac art, and the falcoon art.
And Sano gave me scans of a fan comic and an hk comic. Does anyone have anything else? I’m thinking of starting a fansite. I already tried this at image mishmash, but nobody’s viewing it or replying.

Only fanart I can think of off the top of my head I know Falcoon has a Necro pic on his site. (You’ll have to search for his gallery page, as it’s not linked off the main page.) Not hard to find.

Thanks, but I mentioned that I’ve seen the falcoon art before.

How do you pull that up? I always get a you need to be japanese error.

I think I’ve seen some pre 3S art before of him.

Really? Where?

Does anyone have anymore?