color ok?


Hey looking good man. I can tell that’s real watercolor by the buckle of your paper. Good job. Looks like necro is getting fame in this forum.


yeah it’s real watercolor. i’ve been using them for a few months now, i think it works ok


It’s really great to see a color job that wasn’t done on the computer. Great work! :smiley:


thanks. i wish i saw more watercolor stuff too.


Is it possible to print out a black and white line art and then color it with water colors?


Man, you’re watercolors are looking good man, the style of actual lineart is nice as well. I think it’s possible to print out line art then be able to use watercolors, if your printer can print on watercolor paper. Hopefully after couple of hours of drying, you’ll be to color it.


this is done right on the regular computer paper!


Wow, I surprised the paper held up pretty well. Did you use a dry brush technique to maintain the paper integrity?

I might give this shot myself, I like using watercolors a lot. Thanks for the info.


it’s hard to believe, but i use a decent amount of water, the paper does buckle some, but you can a) iron it out or b) put it in a book.
i always have a hair dryer on my table, and i use it every few minutes.


Hey awsome drawing man and nice use of water color. How do you get the water color to look like that? (Im new at drawing and stuff)


this process was this

  1. draw necro in pencil first. i keep it loose
  2. scan that into photo shop, and print a lighter version.
  3. using the faint lines i paint over the light copy w/ water color.
  4. i then bring out the pen and ink and go over it.

this is what i did for this one.
the yun one had no underdrawing, or ink. just straight water color.

i’m playing w/ the whole process and consider all these nothing more than sketches.