Necro's Combo Thread

Hey look it’s the good old Necro Combo Thread! Risen from the depths of forgotten thread obscurity.

(no meter)
b+rk, db+fp. 37 damage. 48 with taunt.
fp tornado hook, fp denpa. 48 damage.

b+fp, db+fp _ b+rk. 40 damage.

throw, 24 damage.
jp tornado hook, db+fp. 31 damage.
b+mp xx jp tornado hook, db+ fp _ jp tornado hook. 39 damage.

(corner crouching)
b+mk xx jp tornado hook, db+fp _ jp tornado hook. 47 damage.

(EX meter)
b+rk, ex tornado hook. 48 damage. 58 w/ taunt.
fp tornado hook, b+mk xx ex tornado hook. 53 damage.

jp denpa, fp. 20 damage.
jp denpa (deep so they bounce behind), db+fp. 25 damage.
ex flying viper, db+fp. 28 damage.
ex raging cobra, db+fp. 31 damage.

(jumping corner)
ex flying viper, fp denpa. 34 damage.
ex raging cobra, fp denpa. 37 damage.

(SA1) xx jp. tornado hook, SA1. 49 damage.
b+mk xx jp tornado hook, SA1. 51 damage.
b+mk xx mp tornado hook xx SA1. 51 damage.
fp tornado hook, fp denpa (3 hits) xx SA1. 53 damage. 59 w/ taunt.
fp tornado hook, b+mk xx mp tornado hook xx SA1. 58 damage. 65 w/ taunt.
j.rk, xx SA1. 71 damage. 82 w/ taunt.
j.rk, xx SA1. 72 damage. 83 w/ taunt.
OUH, SA1. 65 damage, 73 w/ taunt.
b+sk, xx SA1. 68 damage. 76 w/ taunt.
b+rk, SA1. 71 damage. 84 w/ taunt.
b+rk, xx SA1. 74 damage. 85 w/taunt.
b+rk, xx SA1. 75 damage. 87 w/ taunt.

OUH, SA1. 73 damage. 82 w/ taunt.

fp tornado hook, jp tornado hook, db+fp, SA1. 56 damage. 63 w/ taunt. xx jp. tornado hook, db+fp, SA1. 58 damage. 65 w/ taunt.
throw, SA1. 59 damage. 65 w/ taunt.
throw, xx SA1. 64 damage. 71 w/ taunt.
b+mp xx jp tornado hook, db+ fp, SA1. 60 damage. 69 w/ taunt.
b+fp, db+fp, SA1. 74 damage. 88 w/ taunt.
b+rk, db+fp, SA1. 75 damage. 90 w/ taunt.

(corner crouching)
b+mk xx jp tornado hook, db+fp, SA1. 68 damage.
b+fp, db+fp, SA1. 78 damage. 95 w/ taunt.

(back to corner)
command grab, SA1 36 damage.

(back to corner crouching)
b+mk xx comand grab, db+fp, SA1. 59 damage.

drill kick, SA1. 45 damage. 52 w/ taunt.

(jumping corner)
jp denpa, db+fp, SA1. 57 damage.

Obviously the damage scaling on SA1 weakens its comboability, but considering its short bar it may be worth it to use some of the above combos.

fp tornado hook, SA2. 48 damage. 53 w/ taunt.

b+sk, xx SA3. 49 damage. 60 w/ taunt.
UOH, SA3. 44 damage. 57 w/ taunt.
fp tornado hook, b+mk xx mp tornado hook xx SA3. 50 damage. 56 w/ taunt.

UOH, SA3. 50 damage. 63 w/ taunt.

fp tornado hook, fp denpa (2 hits) xx SA3, jp denpa, db+fp. 51 damage. 58 w/ taunt.
b+sk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 61 damage.
b+rk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 65 damage. 80 w/ taunt.
b+rk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 68 damage.
b+rk, xx SA3, jp denpa, db+fp. 69 damage.

ex flying viper, SA3. 22 damage.
ex raging cobra, SA3. 25 damage.

(jumping corner)
ex raging cobra, jp denpa, SA3. 30 damage.

updated combos. thanks shocky.

B+Rh, ducking short, jab electricity, SA 3, jab electricity, d/b fierce, standing jab.

You get more damage from just
B+RH->SA3-> (corner) Jab electricity->D/B fierce (elbow)->standing Jab (reset)->whatever…

the two hits after the B+RH scale the super a lot. Not to mention they make the combo harder to land consistantly. :smiley:
You will get a good amount of style props for doing it in a match though.

Also, I don’t know how the list doesn’t have
B+short->standing Strong->super (SA1 or 3)
real easy to land, and almost no scaling.

If you HAVE to use SA1 :rolleyes: :lol: then you can also do
Ducking short->Jab spin->SA1
The super will suckem right in.


PS Necro is cool…

I know but I like that combo a lot it is flashy plus you get a litlle more stun. I can do b.short s.strong easy but I cant b.short b.short s.strong sa3 at all im not real sure why either.

thanks guys, combos updated. I’m not having much luck with SA3 combos though.

After a fierce Tornado Hook you can either: throw, short Snake Fang, Magnetic Storm, or Slam Dance.

There you go, one Slam Dance combo:
FP.Tornado Hook > Slam Dance

that combo is hella old… anyway if you do that the slam dance’s dmg will scale down wayyyyy too much… best way i figured to get the slam dance is when the opponent is gettin up is to whif a crouch short then kinda wait then go into it… if they think your gonna do something like and overhead or tornado hook they’ll most likely block then just super… only creative way i’ve found… other then that slam dance is kinda but not really useless, unless you’re just resetting for a dizzy combo lol…

and i also found out (this may also be old but what the hell) that if you use SAIII in the corner you can jab electricity into DB+Fierce even if they’re not dizzy… it mainly works on shotos, chun yang, &yun, and i think it works on twelve but not sure… you can do it to urien but for some reason the timing is totally mixed up… i tried to connect a d+fierce then do st. strong… but haven’t gotten the d+fierce to connect yet…

added some wacky new juggles.

big-guy hell combos

here r 2 sick corner juggles i came up w/ back when i used necro seriously (bah, for like 3 months, then i stopped)

  • “–>” = 2 in 1 or buffer

vs hugo only(crouching only)
necro in the corner
sa 1

bk+rh, bk+mk–>shrt snake fang(hcf+k), hugo’s tossed to the corner, d/b+fp, jab–>sa 1

*watch as mag storm is magically scaled to nothing
**after the bk+rh you must walk in for like 2 PIXELS!!:mad: seriously
***yea, i know “jab–>sa 1” is lame. dont mention it.
****btw, whenever hugo is stunned he automatically goes into his crouch position. thats your chance, go 4 it !

vs alex/hugo (Q too?)
alex in corner
sa 1

fp tornado hook, bk+rh, d/b+fp , d/b+fp, d/b+fp, d/b+fp, d/b+fp, d/b+fp, b+mk–>sa 1:cool:

*whoa boy, this combo is a bitch! the timing on the d/b+fp juggles r VERY DIFFICULT.
**this combo ALMOST does 100% stun on alex. 1 more medium attack would put him out. if anybody can find a way to stun that bastard, POST IT!
***this combo works on hugo too:)
****once again watch as your super is reduced to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. ive seen cocaine dealers do less scaling (kidding:D )

anywayz, good luck getting these combos off in a real match, cuz i know i won’t.

01110.00101.00011.10010.01111. spellz “necro” in binary

those are some CRAZY-assed combos. I could only get two elbows to connect after the b+rk. Do they have to be stunned mid-combo? Does this work in both arcade and DC?

added a better throw to super corner combo.

practice, damn u. practice like u wanna win!

question 1:
no, alex/hugo DO NOT have to be stunned. it works sorta like dudley’s 6 crouching roundhouses combo only the timing is like a jillion times harder. THE SECOND NECRO RECOVERS from d/b+fp , IMMEDIATELY (i cant stress this any further) throw out another d/b+fp. it takes a hellofalota practice. the hell, i spent an entire day and evening ( no im not joking ) improving and perfecting this combo, but stupid me never bothered 2 record it. :frowning: anyhoo, i repeat: they DO NOT have 2 b stunned! determination and practice wil get u there.

question 2:
yes it does work on dc as well as the 'cade. afterall the dc 3s is a near perfect conversion:D when i 1st did the combo at CF (my local 'cade) 2 of my friends were watchin, and i swear they almost pissed their trousers. to bad it wuz on the AI alex:( (it dont count if they aint human!)

once again good friggin’ luck with the “6 d/b+fp combo”. let me know if u catch a human player wit it, k?

00101.10110.01001.01101 spellz “evil” in binary:cool:

Try this on the big guys.
Dunno if it will stun.

HP.Hook Punch, B.HK, F+MP–>Electric Snake, C.HPx5

big-guy hell combos pt2: big-guys get skrewed

last night i chose to start messin around with necro again and i came up with this combo:

vs hugo (alex???) in corner
bk+rh,jb tornado hook, db+fp, db+fp, db+fp, jb dempaxxsa1_sa1

*the bk+rh, jab hook part of the combo is pretty easy to perform on hugo, but on alex its kinda weird. the jb hook ALWAYS touches alex’s character sprite but very often ( 9 times out of 10) the hit-collision wouldnt b activated so u end up hitting air (though it may not look like it):mad:
**this is even easier 2 perform if they r chrouching, as with most combos

vs any in corner
fwd/netral throw, db+fp, sa1

*the timing is extra hard so all i can say is practice
**vs alex/hugo im pretty sure (though i havent confirmed it yet) u can get in db+fp(x5), sa1:evil:

PS-for my original “6 db+fp combo” i found out that the bk+mk–>sa1 part(at the end) doesnt always connect.the bk+mk will hit, but sometimes(not too often) the sa1 will miss completely(i dunno how!). so just replace it with - jb dempaxxsa1_sa1 - . its better u dont risk it


AA combo:
Jab lightning, FP

Adds a decent tic to allready decent AA.

how bout back+hp x2 :wink:

b+HP is good up close, but I don’t like it’s lack of reach.

i mean when somebody is trying to jump over you, or maybe chuns df. hk…

I added that jp denpa anti air combo.

db+fp does more damage than two b+fp’s in a row. Two b+fp’s does more stun, but it seems like b+rk does the most.

its all about the stun with necro :open_mouth: and when in corner and u did wiggling snake and theyre stunned just do this

b+mp, qcb+ppex, b+mp, qcb+kkex, lp, jab elec

weee saw this in a movie, that shit owns, it worked on dreamcast training mdoe too :stuck_out_tongue: u just need alot of good timing