Necro's Normals and how to get inside



Alright I’ve got a decent Necro because I can do combos but its sometimes difficult getting my opponent in the corner.

The main characters I’m having trouble against are Dudley and ChunLi.

What are your techniques to play a better Necro - not so much the massive combos but what are some ways to just get inside.


its all rush down, jump and then down+mk/hk which does 2 hits the need to block or parry them…

if ur closer to the corner then ur opponent, try hcf+k the grab… this usually gets em pretty close to the corner


i never really understood how necro is supposed to get in through drills when they’re so easily parried->punished. Unless your opponent can’t parry 2 hits??


its all on good luck, but the drill is wierd too, sometimes it registers as a combo if u hit them twice, sometimes it dont, etc…

i think u have to parry different when he does hk instead of mk drill, mix it up a bit, and then do a coz it streatches out alot, be random =/


also with the drills if your in right next to your opponent, if you time the RH drill right, the first hit will cross them up while the second hit will hit normally… you can also cross the opponent up while he is down… if you are again right next to him a RH drill will put you on the other side of the opponent or you could also do the RH drill but this time jump backwards a little so you won’t cross them up leaving them to guess not only what attack you’re going to do but also to which side your on.

After your drills mix it up a lot with spinning punches or his overheads… normals are good too like his b+str. or his b+fwd. necro isn’t necessarily about big combos he’s definitely more of a mixup character… if your going to play and use him efficiently then mixup’s are definitely his key…


i do rh drill crossup on wakeup often, strangely enough I always get thrown as soon as i land -___-


Welp, Dudley and ChunLi are the hardest two opponents for necro in my oppinion. My best friend is Victoly and he is arguabley the best Dudley outside Japan. He fucks me because he does standing roundhouse’s and EX Machinegun, if they Roundhouse does not hit necro, the EX Machinegun will not come out, however if he hits necro, the EX Machinegun will automatically cancel the roundhouse and Necro pretty much gets destroyed after that. So you must be extremely careful when throwing random pokes with Necro vs Dudley and Chunli for that matter because of thier High priority moves as opposed to Necro’s low priority moves. Also I dont reccomend the drill unless you mix it up alot - Dudley can standing roundhouse you out of it and almost all of Chun’s standing move’s will knock you out of it as well. Counterhits with necro arent worth it unless you hit them with like B+Fierce or something to that effect where you can punish them again after. Bottom line is that its extremely hard to beat either of these char. when using necro, you just have to know your opponents weaknessess and strengths and use it to your advantage. vs Dudley I like to do jumping roundhouse and sweeps, alot of the command grab as well to get him in the corner, just try to hurt him off the parry or if he wiffs machinegun punch hit him with the Strong hook punches cancel super, it sucks but its near impossible to get in close to a good dudley and chunli player with necro unless your hella good.