Necro's ranking/Tier

Just curious- why is Necro’s Tiered always low or mid? He has good pokes and takes an OK amount damage and stun, so why isn’t he at least Mid-High?

It’s not because he’s bad in any way, it’s just that everyone above him is a little better. The other mid-high characters are generally almost top, being Urien/Dudley/Ryu/Akuma/Oro/Yang. I wouldn’t dream of putting Elena or Alex above him, but the other characters all do have a statistical advantage, however slight.


careful necro with footsies and pokes = shit tier

crazy mashing necro with tricks = top tier

for me necro suck because he is soo slow, he take a lot of damage, you have troubles for make big damage, and he have a bad recovery from some moves
but you can use he if you have a big understand about footside of the game…
i totally disagree whit thyallmighty… careful necro whit a good corner game and a great understand about the game(tricks, great reaction time, lockdown mix ups) is all time hard…

Necro’s not top because:
Ken can double srk him all day.
Chun’s B+Fierce>Necro
Yun = palm, f+mk, palm, f+mk, palm, etc :sad:


Haha, that’s actually the case!
He loses really bad to Chun and especially Yun, and that’s about it for him. Ken is a different story, but as you said, one bad move and you’re fuckin’ out.

Ken’s not bad at all. I’d say it’s 6 to 4 at worse. Necro’s pokes are pretty efficient with dealing with Ken. He’s even not all that bad vs. Mak. I’d say his main issues are that he has trouble dealing with rushdown unless he uses SA1 but SA1 doesn’t give him the damage/stun options that SA3 does. Both supers are still good though and a smart Necro player can win with either. His low normals are some of the most lacking in the game as well. That and he takes a lot of work to use. Definitely one of the most difficult characters in the game to utilize.

Yeah Ken isn’t that big of an issue if you play well, but still, if Ken get you in the corner he has a pretty strong upper hand and doesn’t need much to peace you out. And about the rushdown chars I totally agree, that’s why Yun really is a big pain in the ass but I find myself having a hard time against crazy Goukis and Ibukis as well. Especially Ibuki; have any tips DevilJin? :wink: He is slow and really lack the tools to keep her from her being in his face all the time.

I might say that the twins rip necro a new one. just my opinion I guess.

I have been told that Yun is 9 to 1…not that great. and 8 to 2 chun I think. But everyone else isnt that bad. Just have to learn to play stratigically. :]

Ken can double srk necro without it being kara?

Gilgam3sh: Yes he can, depending on the distance. I don’t think he can do it at max range.

I recently looked at the japanese tier list, and I see that Necro vs Remy is a 7-3 to Necro, what’s up with that?! I thought it was the other way around…

remy takes damage like a bitch and then also has a really low stun bar which makes it worse against a character like necro. pretty much any parry necro gets is gonna be almost 100% against Remy

I’d figured that out, but still man. It’s kind of like saying that IF Alex get Chun in the corner he can smash her pretty hard, so it’s not that bad of match up, haha.

Anyway, which SA should you use against him? Probably SA3, but I can really see the advantages with SA1.

i know the yuns i play aren’t complete scrubs, but they usually don’t play yun as their main…having said that, i find the yun match isn’t as bad as people say. of course there’s the same gj bs that everyone has to deal with, but in between i find cornering yun a bit easier to accomplish than against the other top tiers, half the time he does it for me. and once you do have him there, unless he burns meter i usually kill them or cripple them near death.

I usually use SA1 vs the twins just to take advantage of any stupid mistakes they use to rush me. Plus it makes them think twice to divekick. Also, since Necro has a good backdash, you can sometimes run away from Yun and when he does something to close the distance, ie Dash punch/Divekick etc, you just SA1 his ass for trying.

Edit: Oh Calzone was asking about what SA vs Remy, my mistake. SA3 ftw there.

Remy vs. Necro is a big turtlefest, imo :smiley: lol. SAI stops an aggressive Remy from attacking w/ lots of fast-recovery CBKs, but I should probably work more on SAIII cos it stops him from spamming projectiles and makes charge-partitioned ones almost impossible. I like to jump-punch or kick over his projectiles (LOVs), just as I do with Urien. I have trouble closing in on Remy, but he has trouble closing in on me too, I guess. You just have to outsmart him and maintain the HP advantage, and momentum, though…I suppose ANOTHER reason to pick SAIII is cos you get super first and then you have 2 bars just like him. If I’m playing a Remy turtler (most likely for him), I’ll just try to build meter to get super first, make projectiles seem like a bad idea for him, and then work on zoning, from there, yet he ALSO will feel the need to close the gap and approach ME if I have more SA stocked than he. I play Remy players (esp. a GOOD Remy), like, almost NEVER, so I’m just throwing out ideas. I try baiting reversals from him like ex “flash kicks” (RRFs) after he does blocked CBKs on me, and avoid the corner so he doesn’t have a chance of getting neutral grab into RRF on me. I poke w/ a lot w/ when he’s not throwing out low LOVs. That’s it for now, I guess.