Necro's Stun Combos?



what are necro’s stun combos?


to get them stunned just use this with meter

back+mk, hcf+mk, SA3, if theyre stunned then do:

back+mp, qcf+2p EX, back+mp, qcb+kk EX

once they stand up do:

back+mk, hcf+hp, jab, dp+jab

the first 2 i know for sure, the last one im not sure,


Yeah, maybe you should stop ripping combos you see the Japs do, especially since you don’t even know how to do the moves.

The combo he did was:

b+forward, strong Spin xx SA3, b+strong xx QCB+2P, b+strong xx QCB+2K, jab Electricty, taunt (dizzy)

Then he did fierce Spin, b+forward xx EX Spin (I’m not sure if he had enuf meter to do EX Spin, if not he did b+forward strong Spin)


Once you get in a couple of throws and hits the following combo will pretty much finnish them off:

The following combo done on:
Full energy bar
Stun on next hit
No taunt

Bk+MK>>hcf+MPxxSA3>>bk+MP>>EX flying viper>>bk+MP>>EX raging cobra>>WP>>WPdp = 66 points
Plus finisher: hcf+FP>>dp+FP = 48 points
Total = 114 points

If you’re quick you can add a taunt before the finisher for extra damage, like Geese mentioned.

So basically do what everyone has been saying which is Bk+MK>>hcf+MPxxSA3. Usually if I land this and the opponent is not dizzy I go for jab dp>>db+HP, since b+MP would otherwise reset them.

Does anyone here use anything else besides jab dp>>db+HP?


OMG u can do jab Electricty, then db+fierce as anti-air? That’s pretty cool.


Just a quick note, the damage points I put up were from full bar, so since the opponent is say 50% stunned alreadly they would have significantly less energy, therefore the combo does less damage. But it should still finish them.


You can do it with db+fierce? I thought it was only possible with standing fierce?


whats with the hate? i used to play necro and i got the combo done, and wtf? omg the japs did back+forward, hacb+p, so the other ppl shouldnt do it! its Japan!

wtf -_- i do what i want, and if i can do it as well, u shouldnt be whining bout it


I thought u meant u can do 1 hit jab Electricity, then d/b+fierce juggle similar to how he can do b+fierce, d/b+fierce juggle.

Doom, dude u had like 2 pretty big errors in ur combo. It’s not the EX Spin, it’s the EX Flying Viper (remembered the name). And you can’t combo a fierce Spin from a b+forward. You can’t combo it from any normal.


Ohrighty, I get you. I’ve never tried doing b+fierce>>jab dp>>db+fierce, so I cant say whether it will work or not. What I was saying in my reply was that I use WP dp>>db+fierce after the b+MK>>MP tornado hook>>SA3 combo if the opponent is not dizzy. But funnily enough it is possible to AA someone with WP dp>>HP. Pretty cool.


I didn’t mean b+fierce, jab DP, db+fierce.

I meant just a simple 1 hit jab DP, then db+fierce.

Could u test that out? Thx. :cool:



that’s not really what I had in mind…I was thinking about the “stun combos” that occur once they’re stunned and STILL IN THE AIR, like the Japanese do, especially Sugiyama (good Necro) and Pino too, altho he uses SA I

a good stun combo is anything into electric snake (usually stunned by here) and then start off w/b+strong if not stunned yet, then on lighter chars do:
c.fierce, s.jab, c.fierce, s.jab xx denpa (DP), taunt and then whatever combo you want
i’m sure that just letting them fall may seem lazy but I want the extra meter and miniscule damage just to be flashy

I was just curious as to what works with which characters and such ie. character specific juggles
for example I know you can’t get low fierce on shotos as much, so there’s a variations
the twins have an even harder time getting boosted so you have to jab them to death and possible j.strong when nearing end of jabs


The combo:

Bk+MK>>hcf+MPxxSA3>>bk+MP>>EX flying viper>>bk+MP>>EX raging cobra>>WP>>WPdp = 66 points
Plus finisher: hcf+FP>>dp+FP = 48 points
Total = 114 points

can be done on the twins, shotos, etc. the only people havent tried it on are the big characters such as Hugo and Alex. 114 points (without taunt) seems like good shit to me:)


Pino usually uses SA3 as well, he just switched to SA1 in that one game-newton vid.


for your finisher, why would you want to do dp+fierce after the fierce tornado hook? there’s much more better things to do. even just taunting and then doing back+fierce -> db+fierce deals more than 48 points. and if you want to gain more bar for around the same damage, you can do taunt -> fierce tornado hook -> jab tornado hook -> jab electricity / db+fierce. or if you’re playing against chun, q, dudley, alex, hugo, urien, you can do taunt -> fierce tornado hook -> fierce electricity (4~5 hits) and that’s the most damaging combo you can do without using EX moves.

lastly, if you don’t have an entire bar of SA3 to waste on EX moves while juggling, you can do back+strong x 5 -> db+fierce instead of doing EX flying viper and EX raging cobra. doesn’t look as flashy but it’s around the same damage without wasting super.