Necro's Taunt

Alot of times in Necro vids the player will taunt after a stun combo. Is this just for the hell of it? Or does his taunt give him an advantage?

all the taunt in the game have a different effect, and Necro’s taunt have “an attack power increase for all of his attacks except for throws.” (like it is said in the us guide)

i want kill me …:sad: :sad: :sad:

Yup. I stuffed Q’s SAI with it once.


taunts that connect are awesome liek ending genei-jin combo with a taunt :smiley:

That’s better cause you get the fiery KO screen when you hit him with the taunt. Same with Makoto. Can’t get that satisfaction with Necro’s taunt though.

It’s funny as hell when it happens but it’s hella risky.:nunchuck:

i use this taunt after:

1- stun a oponent
2- ather a snake fang if i am near of corner

necro´s taunt add damage for next not sa move , necro player use this because thy use fierce tornado hook and this taunt add damage for all hits

excuse my bad english


Increases damage for the next hit/combo by 31.3%. Holding the taunt does nothing bonus-wise. One taunt is the maximum

As posted by Jinrai in the 3s mechanics thread.

i try to use this when i play “rabbit” with necro. after the jab hooks, taunt and get ready for a meaty Anti Air. sometimes i just use it to piss off my opponent so he comes in for me and eats that extra damage. i wouldn’t suggest doing this all the time, but if you get it down to where you can taunt and be ready for the next attack, why not? you got that nice damage buff and with necro’s amazing stun damage, you can make a round or even match that much easier.

some ppl think taunts are just for fun or for being a complete asshole, but unlike CVS2 where you just give some points to the opponents grove gauge and leave yourself open, you get the buff in 3S plus a little on your SA gauge. i only use taunt for makoto, necro, ibuki, and ken and i never get attacked when i taunt, mostly because i dont use it to be an ass, i use it for the buff when i am safe to use it.