Nederland TX, February 21,2009 SF4

Blockbuster will be holding a tournament for sf4.

Fee: Free
Prizes: Copy of the game for 360 or ps3. or a limited edition depends on if blockbuster can get a copy of it
Where: Blockbuster,
2828 Highway 365, Suite 500
Nederland, TX 77627-7826

this is merely to see how good of a turnout will be, because in the near future the manager is planning on having another tournament game pending, and will be giving either a system of your choice, or something like rock band bundle, guitar hero bundle, or something along that line. Pretty much there is going to be a tournament every month, the game will depend on what everyone wants.

Any word on what time? Any conditions?

where is nederland?

South of Beaumont. Too far for normal Dallas people.

time will probably be around 1-2pm. conditions, are what the rules are now for the arcade.

hmm. I might have to be in 2 places on the same day…:sad:

this is not going to happen now, store is having problems.