Need 20-24" HD monitor with HDMI for ps3 gaming

Going to be used for events on my school campus, need it so i don’t have to use specific areas and can bring it and my ps3 with me where ever i need to go.

was what i was thinking, any other ideas?

what i have. won’t lag.

can use bing cashback to get it for 160$

pretty sure thats what i linked :slight_smile:

thx for confirmation

That’s the EVO monitor, just so you know.

Is this 21.5" version of that monitor also lag free?

Looking for a smaller lcd since I want something that will fit nicely on my desk

Can anyone suggest a non-Acer HD monitor for the same uses, around 23"-24"? From what I hear, Acer’s North American customer support SUCKS and if I get dead pixels I don’t want to have to deal with them.

BenQ E2400HD, which is what I use with my PC. It’s even tested to be lag-free.

It’s… ASUS, not ACER.

yeah asus rocks! acer, no clue

i’ll be picking one up @ my local bestbuy tomorrow, thanks.

You sure thats the best option for your wallet?

Those evo monitors were $120 with cashback and coupon a couple weeks ago.

i’m sure theres insurance sold for it, and with the usage it will get i would perfer that over getting 20$ off.

sorry to double post

can anyone share with me their VGA settings? the refresh rate is nuts and i seem the pixels actually moving as they refresh.