Need 3rd Member for Spidey/Frank

I need a third member for my team, and I have some criteria:

-OTG assist
-No Ground Bounce
-Good Anchor
-Sets up possible UWT reset
-Any opinion is greatly appreciated

I run those two as well, and Doom is my anchor… but he doesn’t have an OTG assist.

Honestly, if you just want to throw someone on there, I don’t see why you don’t go with Wesker. Also, I don’t find OTG assists to be that useful with Spider-Man anymore. If you are set on keeping Wesker out of your team, why not go with Dorm? I know he doesn’t have an OTG, but his lock down assist can help Spidey continue a combo once he OTGs the opponent.

Oh wait…I think X-23 and Felicia meet all those criteria.

How’s Viper on anchor? I love seeing viper players

Not anywhere as good as on point backed up by assists. Also, you can’t get UWT resets from her OTG (I couldn’t in vanilla).
Guys over the C. Viper forums may have a different view of her viability.

Why do you need an OTG assist when Spidey already has one? Skrull would have been the best but his Smite assist uses a ground bounce. Dante with Crystal is also pretty decent but that assist is slow and multi-hit which will make setting up a UWT difficult for you. Sentinel with Rocket Punch would be alright but you must have fly and unfly skills and matchup knowledge to use him effectively as anchor.

Actually, I didn’t have to mention all these because Doom is the best one for that.

Doom’s my anchor, and I only use him to help Spider-Man and Frank get in. Actually, Frank is pretty damn good at setting up UWT if you call him before OTG’ing with the web zip. Just dash back a bit and use the UWT, puts them at a perfect height. However, it’s not as reliable as setting up Servbot head super with Frank and Spider-Man’s web ball.

Just do a combo to which ends into a corner web throw then end in web ball xx UWT. As for Frank, it’s more practical just to do his level 3 survival techniques hyper than the funny face.

wesker is by FAR the most efficient character addition to this team. yes i read your post. x23’s ankle slicer is the only assist that has both otg and low hitting, and it’s not even close

Don’t look for UWT resets; it’s far better off as an hard reading anti-air. OTG assists are pretty much useless for Spidey as of now and you need something that will help cover Frank. Dormammu would be helpful because of anything I have written in the Dormammu summary on the Team-building thread, and his Dark Hole assist will help your hit counter a great deal so that you can level up Frank quicker, not to mention that it also extends Frank’s combos. Dormammu is a great anchor as well, and if he’s somehow on point while Frank is still alive, Shopping Cart can help him open people up.

If you’re willing to pick up someone with a learning curve, you can go for Dante or Magneto. Million Dollars is the herp derp for Frank in terms of THC, and his Jam Session is great for a zoning Spidey and extending combos for both characters. Weasel Shot works just as well. Magneto’s Hyper Grav can extend combos for Spidey and Frank, although it doesn’t contribute too much to the hit counter. Disruptor is also a fantastic assist for both characters.

If you *really really *can’t live without an OTG assist, just pick Wesker. Seriously. Unblockables, “the easy way out” combo extender, it’s QUICK AS FUCK, etc. I understand there’s probably some character pride or distaste towards “God Tier” characters, but you should really be looking for a team that will help support the way that *you *want to play your favorite character(s). Ever since I started playing Ultimate, I have been searching and searching for the right character to optimize the synergy between Spider-man and Nova because they’re my two favorite characters in this game. I can’t tell you how many 3rd member characters I’ve gone through trying to find the right one!!! @___@

No it doesn’t. It wall bounces.

It’s been said many times that using up an assist solely to be used for UWT resets is pointless. If you’re trying to do the famous one from Vanilla, than especially don’t bother; it’s easy to get out of and it’s a matter of time before people figure that out (tournament players have known long since). You’re best bet is to use an assist that can be utilized for more than one character and one mixup on your team.

Oh yeah, my bad. That’s what I meant.

Honestly, using up your wall bounce isn’t all that bad. If you still choose to go into Crawler Assault, you can still pull off the OTG Web Zip even in the corner.

It’s not bad at all. Skrull’s probably one of the best anchors for Spidey but since he’s looking for UWT setups, wall bounces really ain’t helpful unless you know how to make use of them properly. Truth is, just echoing what most say here, Spidey doesn’t really need UWT since he’s got good damage potential.

I have been playing Spiderman(Ball)/Frank(cart)/Dante(Jam) and those 3 work very well togehter imo. Dante Jam Session helps both, you have easy Thc leveling up for Frank if Peter dies to Soon. Jam Session Serves alot purposes, AA, Combo Extender, Otg setups and resets. The only downside maybe His Learning curve, but boldcanceling and Otg webzips have alot in Common. I improved both with Learning One than the other(multiple fast Button Inputs, buffering). He has the Best options As an anchor, a easy lv3 Counter hyper, Devil trigger safty for Frank and easy meterburning high dmg Combos, did I Menthol Dante is Great? Virgil is Kind of an easymode Dante, His assist Rapid slash is good for Spiderman but Kind of similar to Shopping cart, so The judgement Cut would Be better. Ironman with smartbombs, repulsar and beam are all very usefull. If you wanna Play him.

Frank and Dante go together like bread and butter.