Need a 3rd for an a-groove team

ok, so far, i got ?/sakura/vega. need help. i’ve been usin blanka lately, but i lose so much against my bro’s team(guile/cammy or chun/sagat). all them counter blanka badly. any advice would be great.


Which Vega?

Bison if its claw.
If not, then try Ken, he is pretty dope in A.


how about Sakura, Bison(dictator) or Hibiki?



Let me explain why Eagle I think would be a good choice… First of all he is a VERY underrated character in my opinion. He has range and priority. Because of that he can stand up to Cammy’s and Sagat’s ground game. C.FP is a great anti air, his lariat is even better if you can RC. He also has a very easy custom, can be set up numerous ways, or just used to punish: Up Close… I go S.Rh, S.Rh, S.Rh, S.Fp, HCF.Mk x N, super… It deals a very nice amount of damage.

try guile…just get him in the corner…and start barraging his ass w/sonic boom after sonic boom…

Try Athena. She has a good CC, and can build meter up fast enough to where you can probably do her CC at least twice or save it for your next char (I’d not put her last in A-groove until I’m sure I can stand a chance. She’s all right in A, but not one of the better players.)


eagle/bison(look-a-like communist)/sakura have the most damaging A groove combos.

Well Bison(paint-the-fence), not Iori though because he really has so many more options with run, low jump, and counter movement.

Chun Li

TODO TODO TODO!!! his A groove combo hurts tons!!

Iori, Bison, Nakoruru, Haohmaru, Kyo, Blanka, Rolento, Hibiki, Athena, Eagle, and Ken.

just play sagit =\

A Rolento is crap nowadays, because he has no solid CC setups, and A is probably sagats 2nd worst groove.

Iori/Ken/Kyo/Terry/Bison(non claw)Chun-Li/Akuma/ cuz they have so many options for doing good full customs. (Me and some other guys from CO are in the process of making a vid. seriously we have like at least 8 different combos for each person. were at the point where we do combos for flash in tourneys)

If you want easy then pick
Ken/Iori/Kyo/Guile/Maki/Rock/Todo/Vega (Claw)

This is my my opinion. I’d say Ken/Kyo or Iori because they have basic customs that can lead to some “oh my gosh thats possible?” shit.

A-Guile is fucking horrible… He’s only good in C and hes ok in N.

A-Guile’s not that bad. A Japanese who played him made top 8 at SBO. I have no problem using him in A-groove :smiley: .

yea A-guile is an excellent battery character, too bad his CC isn’t that damaging. and Aojiru used A-guile/bison (psycho power)/R2 todo. his bison is really solid/smart.

and guile’s not that bad in K either…

:lol: :lol:

What’s with all your posts? You just keep writing stuff and I just keep getting offended for some pointlessly stupid reason. A-Rolento is still his best groove in my opinion. Roll cancels let you run away safely, his level 1 is instant and totally unpunishable up close, he builds meter like crazy with b+KK as you land pogo hops, and his alpha counter is intact in A.

Sagat has the most damaging DP cancel anti-air CC in the entire game. Every Sagat is equally powerful in my opinion. They just have different playing styles that’s all. Shouldn’t go around dismissing characters all over the place just because you don’t play so good with them at first…