Need a Banner for my World of Warcraft Guild

I can be found in SRKGD and instead of bugging the world of warcraft thread folks with spam i did it the right way and came here.

I need a banner for our guild website its going to be our Very Top Banner the one found on the main page to replace the GUILD UNIVERSE banner which is just not acceptable.

My guild is Lethal By Design so we are looking for a design that reflects the name. maybe a cool assassin and a pile of bodies or something of that nature.

We are a World Of Warcaft guild so maybe a small world of warcraft Icon should be located somewhere on the banner and if possible our server name Azshara.

i would truly appreciate someone with the time and talent to take this request on.


Recommended size: 700 px w x 160 px h

ill be honest and tell you that i dont know what the fuck a px is…

Pixels, ill try it and ill pm you later this week if i come up with something

Awesome i totally appreciate it man if you can get me something. regardless thanks for the attempt.

can I try aswell ?

sure ill accept anyone who takes a stab at it. and i will in fact rotate the banners if i get multiple great ones. you know make it a monthly banner swap in a seasonal fashion.

Just an update. we changed the color of the website. But Do not worry about it affecting your banner. We will adjust the color of the website to match your banner its just a placeholder scheme for now.

bump… just didnt want this to get forgotten. we still got the lame default banner…

Sorry for the delay; got too many things happening atm

Damn this shit is off the hook buddy.

but the problem is we Wanted “Lethal By Design” our guild name on it to Replace the Default Guild UNIVERSE banner that they gave us when we registered the website.

other then that though i like it.

here you go

Woh…wow. Good stuff.

Thanks alot man. I appreciate all the time you spent on this.