need a banner

yea can some one make me a cool one with a red shuma and sent cammy

for what? a site? what dimensions?

i dont know if this one u can put a banner im still a noob on this site but if any ones on smashboards

you cant have sigs on shoryuken

lol ok i know for smashboards its for smasmboards i just want 2 know if any 1 can make me 1 for there and i dont know if u can have 1 here can u if so can u make me one

i´m not going to do it, but the person who wants to do this need to know size restrictions

i dont know whats the size and stuff like that whats a good size ???

are you VG Emblem?

what an insult lol

Fixed for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. hell I didn’t even touch the syntax.
Sorry even Im being a dick but it hurts to read this kind of …dare I call it language?
The internet is frying our minds, geez, if you’re too lazy to write “to” instead of “2”? Get out of the house once a century.