Need a bit of help finding images and files for TE stick design

The TE mockup file seems to not work on the official thread and I would like to use that file to get an idea of what my template would look like.
If anyone could insert files for the images:
Arcade Official tournament stick logo found on the original mad catz artwork
capcom logo
street fighter logo
snk/playmore logo
mockup file
anything else you think would be necessary besides the actual templates since that can be found anywhere

thanks guys:bgrin:

If you want very faithful reproductions of the TE and TE-S logos, and the Capcom/SSFIV logo, check out one of my templates (download the PSD and pull them out):

Balrog/Dudley Template

You’ll want the Fireye GF font for the TE logos.

As for the rest:

Capcom Logo
SNK Logo
Street Fighter Logo

Also, check the image mishmash section and try the search functionality of the forum: Image Mishmash