Need a bit of help

Didn’t know where to post so i’ll try here

My friend likes to play games with me but she struggles with games that are either to fast or too complicated.

Mainly we play neo turf masters because A) it’s simple B) it’s alot of fun and C) playing online really has no effect on the gameplay, all you do is press one single button each time, so lag really aint a problem

But We’d like to try a few other games but i’ve drawn a blank, i cant play alot of puzzle games because my colour vison is terrible she can’t play fast games or games with to many complicated controls.

I thought of track and field i think that might be ok we played something similer before, any suggestions?

Cheers people

Various Nintendo Games: Mario Kart, Smash Bros, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Mario Party, etc.

Try SF4 and pick Sagat, it’s slow, not complicated, and if you don’t like colors then change your TV settings.

This is SRK after all, what other suggestion did you expect?

the punisher and nick fury beat em up